Swimwear trends, finally we go to the beach!

(Photo by Terri Cnudde from Pixabay) Do you fancy the last swimwear trends for the first relaxing weekend on the beach? June has just arrived, announcing itself feebly between bright days and others cloudy and rainy. Which have given rise to hopes and vibes about a special  summer that can let us forget the months spent at home in isolation. Fear and doubts remais, that’s true, they will stay with us for a while. But they must not influence our choice so as to give up the sea, the sound of the waves, the flight of seagulls that brings away the darkest thoughts. It takes a nice bathing suit, even if the body reflected in the mirror would not agree at the beginning. A classic one piece swimsuit or a print bikini, in short, something we like most and make us feel at ease to jump into the car. And drive on the gray road that in the distance fades and blends beautifully into the green sea water and the blue sky.

Swimwear trends, one piece swimsuit or bikini?

If you feel insecure for some weight gain that torments you, opt for the one-piece swimsuit, in a dark colour, with cut details and side seams that have the dual function of shaping and giving an intended slimming effect. Otherwise, go for the best bikini that flatters your body shape, to sunbathe as much as possible! Among the new trends of this summer there are the high waisted bottom that adds some coverage around the belly and show off the legs, and the high leg opening, a special design that creates the illusion of longer and slimmer legs.

As for patterns, flowers and animal prints continue to be very trendy this year too. The luxuriant nature that invaded spring fashion catwalks is abundant in the swimwear trends, with tropical animals and bright coloured leaves. The small black and white squares of the gingham prints, so romantic, return to be noticed under sun umbrellas. Total black swimsuits continues to make all women, blondes and brunettes, fall in love, regardless the trend of every year. The total black style speaks of top elegance and becomes so unique, especially if combined with mysterious large frame glasses and a wide-brimmed straw floppy hat.

See you on the beach!

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