Sustainable fashion on Fashionista sostenibile, my first book

Good morning dear readers! I am so happy to announce that I have just published my first book on sustainable fashion entittled Fashionista sostenibile. This work was born a bit out of curiosity, when I decided to attend a course on sustainable fashion organized by the London College of Fashion. I then started browsing the web, looking for brands that are attentive to the health of the planet. But I often found that they are good at producing perfect garments for the youngest. Or for those who adore the minimalist style, characteristics that do not always enhance the beauty and personality of over 40 women.

Sometimes, however, I discovered beautiful pieces of clothing, but awfully expensive and inaccessible to most of us. Thus, I decided my great adventure would have started, with this book, Fashionista sostenibile, a challenge to find out the strategies that can keep us loving clothes and accessories, while adopting more conscious behaviours.

Fashionista sostenibile, the book about sustainable fashion
Fashionista sostenibile, the book about sustainable fashion

Fashionista sostenibile, the book

The book is divided into two parts: the first shows how we can be environmentally friendly in our daily routine, and includes pieces of advice on conscious shopping, recycling and upcycling, choosing pre-loved items, and provides suggestions related to the principles of circular economy. In the second part, the focus is on over 40 women, with topics ranging from colour and style analysis to essential outfits that flatter the different body shapes, from image consultancy to the fashion mistakes that can ruin the outfits. The contents are presented with looks for different occasions that can be created with the pieces we all have in the wardrobe. For me, the most important thing is that I hope they will guide you to that magical place where you can have fun and get distracted from the many daily responsibilities, to catch a smile by looking yourself in the mirror.

Fashionista sostenibile has been published by Amazon in Italian language and I promise you it will soon be released in English too, before summer. It is available in digital and printed version with colour pictures, which can be consulted at the following links:



Dear readers, I am looking forward to hearing your views! Have a great day!


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