Sunglasses: the best evergreen trends to wear

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Sunglasses are a real necessity for those like me who are very sensitive to summer light … and to all those items that speak about style personality and fashion. I was a young girl when my passion for details and accessories began to swell. I still keep my first pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses, a small investment won with the savings of the piggy bank and the weekly pocket money. How happy I was! For the waivers that had made me earn the money for the sunnies, for being rewarded with a great gift.

And then other sunglasses arrived, which I still wear on some occasions, my little babies born from a spontaneous passion that preferred evergreen styles, quality items on which it is still worth orienting oneself.

Sunglasses, the styles to go for after 40

These days too, just before my 54th birthday, I cannot leave home without something special on my nose. Now I generally go for larger frames, those more suitable for women who are over 40 and over 50 and do not wear the first pair of sunnies they find anywhere. For many reasons. Including the fact that the right frame compliments our faces’ features, adds a touch of character and personality and can also hide those little flaws we hate. And above all it is part of the look, it plays a decisive role in our style.

Angular frames are more suitable for round faces, while round lenses can help to soften the look of faces with angular features. Among the most glamorous and feminine styles are the cat eye and the butterfly sunnies and the special collections of designer eyewear that offer unique sunglasses for every woman. Aviator sunglasses with teardrop lenses, like those worn by Tom Cruise in Top Gun, appeal to both men and women. They are ideal for sporty and casual looks, they are just perfect for original outfits that play on contrasts.

Rimless sunnies are always on fashion, those with coloured gradient lenses are so lovely and become even more special when precious beads adorn and hide the attachment of the bar to the lense. Oversized diva styles are so mysterious with their dark lenses that hide part of the face, capture the attention and make wonder about the identity of the woman who wears them.

Make the right choice, my dear readers! And please do not call them accessories anymore! Sunglasses are just the icing on the cake for your best outfit!

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