Summer party dresses

(Photo by Anastasiya Lobanovskaya from Pexels) Summmer party dresses are important too. Even if you are one of those women who says that you don’t need it because you never go out or you do not have the right occasion for a gorgeous party dress. But there’s something we must consider when speaking about party dresses. Summer party dresses are more versatile than winter party dresses. Moreover they can be worn more easily, even simply for a walk after dinner, in downtown. Now that I’ve found the right occasion for a summer party dress you have to find the right person to spend that special evening with!

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Colours for your special summer party dresses!

Party dresses: black and rose gold to be always chic

The crochet dress for many occasions

crochet dress
crochet dresses

Hello dear readers! Do you like the crochet dress? Do you think it’s a bit too vintage? It is a very special garment for Summer and above all it is versatile, one of those garment that you can really wear from morning to evening, combining it with the right accessories.

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Birthday outfit. For me, above all!

summer party outfit
summer party outfit

It has arrived this year too, on time as always. My birthday! So, why not talk about the birthday outfit? And today it is also my blog’s birthday! One year only! But more candles to blow out for me, exactly 52. Two days ago, I celebrated it with my family, having dinner in a countryside farmhouse, out of the crowd of the coast, on the surrounding hills, where a gentle breeze gave us a break from the heat of the last days. And with the children that grow up so fast it was a real present to be all four together around the same table! For the occasion…. Keep on reading at the dedicated page of the blog to discover the birthday outfit.


A long dress for this Summer evenings and holidays

long dress
long dress

The long dress is back! The great fashion designers have had models walk down the catwalks wearing different long dresses, suitable for many styles and occasions. I believe that among those gorgeous garments, there’s certainly the most suitable one, the one that will flatter your body shape. Trust me! And today I’m also going to convince those who cannot live without trousers or short dresses. And who knows if I will succeed in my intention! The long dress is really a versatile and elegant garment, perfect to be worn from dawn to sunset if you learn how to pair it with the best accessories. Why don’t you stay tuned, dear readers and get ready to listen to my pills of wisdom? … long dress.