Summer fashion to wear now

Finally light summer clothes! Bare legs, colorful patterns, light fabrics that pay tribute to our femininity! Summer fashion for the day widens our clothes’ choice and ranges from tunics, knee-length and long dresses, pencil and flared skirts, knee-length trousers and fisherman pants. All enriched with beautiful tops, blouses and t-shirts.

Summer fashion is really cheerful and joyful and leads us to the best mood.

In this page of the blog you will find Yourstyleover40’s tips dedicated to summer fashion, so that you can keep up with new trends, style and personality.

A long dress for this Summer evenings and holidays

long dress
long dress

The long dress is back! The great fashion designers have had models walk down the catwalks wearing different long dresses, suitable for many styles and occasions. I believe that among those gorgeous garments, there’s certainly the most suitable one, the one that will flatter your body shape. Trust me! And today I’m also going to convince those who cannot live without trousers or short dresses. And who knows if I will succeed in my intention! The long dress is really a versatile and elegant garment, perfect to be worn from dawn to sunset if you learn how to pair it with the best accessories. Why don’t you stay tuned, dear readers and get ready to listen to my pills of wisdom? … Keep on reading at the dedicated page.


The long skirt is a must have item in your Summer wardrobe

long skirt
long skirt

(Photo by Artem Bali from Pexel)

With these days’ hot temperature I cannot help but speak about a very feminine clothing item like the long skirt. I’m addressing, above all, to those who cannot but help wear pants, those who keep on thinking that the skirt is not suitable for them. But it’s not true, my dear readers! The long skirt is a garment that fits almost all types of body shapes, provided that some tips are followed. And today I will start from those who have a pear-shaped body, with large hips and thighs, those who are often convinced that they can hide inside a pair of trousers. Nothing could be more wrong! The long skirt is perfect, because it highlights … Keep on reading at the dedicated page.


Go for boho style when the days become brighter

Fringe top
Fringe top

How many times have you heard of the boho style and how many times about the gipsy style? So many foreign terms to identify what? The kind of look that often appears in Spring and Summer and that calls to mind the gypsy mood. If you only pronounce it, you can perceive even the colours and the joy of the 60ies. These two styles have something in common.


The boho  borrows from the gipsy long and colourful skirts, the love for nature that emerges from the floral prints and the paisley patterns, the desire of freedom suggested by soft fabrics, fringes and tassels that flutter in the wind. Everything seems so simple, but nothing is left to chance…

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A floral dress makes you always smile

Floral dress
Floral dress

Does today’s post about the floral dress seem a little obvious? Not for me! The fact is that with better temperatures I can abandon my favourite denim trousers for a more feminine outfit, a dress!

And I’ve probably been influenced on the argument by fashion trends, which propose the floral dress in many styles. From the knee-lenght to the long dress, from the slip to mini dress. Lovely solutions for everybody! But how to understand which dress is more suitable for our body? Well, dear readers, follow me in this short guide!

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