Summer fashion ready to wear

Finally light summer clothes! Bare legs, colorful patterns, light fabrics that pay tribute to our femininity! Summer fashion for the day widens our clothes’ choice and ranges from tunics, knee-length and long dresses, pencil and flared skirts, knee-length trousers and fisherman pants. All enriched with beautiful tops, blouses and t-shirts.

Summer fashion is really cheerful and joyful and leads us to the best mood!

In this page of the blog you will find Yourstyleover40’s tips dedicated to Summer fashion, so that you can keep up with new trends, style and personality.

The new must haves for your gorgeous wardrobe

bauletto louis vuitton
new must haves

Stop speaking about the most popular pieces of clothing that we should love forever! Today I want to speak about the new must haves. There is no more space in the blog for Humphrey Bogart’s raincoat, or for Audrey Hepburn’s little black dress or for the white shirt by Coco Chanel. They are still wonderful,  don’t get me wrong! But these are hackneyed subjects and I’m sure you already know how and when to wear them.

The new must haves, instead, these are really interesting arguments! For your summer fashion too! Unthinkable garments up to few years ago that arrived with some passing trends to conquer our tastes, resist every fashion stroke and become definitely classified as evergreens. Follow me, then, to the page dedicated to the new must haves!

Romantic style after 40

stile romantico con abito a fiori
romantic style

The first storm of September cannot rub summer out! But it can make us a bit more romantic when you see the sunsets that colors the sky of pink, the nature that begins to be tinged with warm tones. And what’s better than floral dresses and shirts, lace and bows that emerge from clothes and accessories? All things we can still buy on sale and take with us in the next colder days to warm up the first gloomy days. Follow me, therefore, on the blog, at the page dedicated to romantic style for over 40 women! You will find some tips for your day looks! Enjoy the reading my dear romantic readers!


The floral blouse you will wear all year round

floral blouse
floral blouse

Have you ever wanted to stop time for a while to keep on breathing those special summer vibes? To me, It has been happening every single day since the middle of August, as soon as I clearly perceived how the days were inexorably shortening and those afternoons closed into the office were moving really closer to me. But clothing items that belong to summer and warm up with those special related memories can make a big difference. A beautiful blouse with flowers always puts you in a good mood, with those colours that bring light to your face, inspire smiles and make your scheduled time going by easier. 

Follow me then, to find out how to wear the floral blouse, at the dedicated page!

The style mistakes you won’t make after 40ies

style mistakes after 40ies
style mistakes after 40ies

Did it happen to you to buy an amazing dress and then at home, while wearing it in front of your mirror, to see a reflection that does not belong to your personality and style? I believe that this situation had occured to me and also to you, after making some style mistakes that hurt the wallet and the mood.

But do not let it become a tragedy! Do not feel guilty and look optimistically at what had happened to you! Shaking your head in front of the mirror means being on the right way towards awareness and doing your best to avoid possible style mistakes.

Nautical fashion ideas that outlive any trend

stle navy donna
nautical fasgion ideas

There’s no summer without stripes, there’s no navy style without white pants. Some pieces from nautical fashion are really must haves that can be combined with many more items to create looks suitable for different occasions.

On the blog, at the dedicated page, you can find some nautical fashion ideas at very reduced prices. Discover them and click on the post about the nautical fashion ideas that outlive any trend.


Fashion bargains for your summer must haves

fashion bargains
fashion bargains

Countdown to the beginning of summer sales. The big moment for all the fashionistas and women on the planet has finally arrived. It is time for SUMMER SALES !!!! It’s also the best period for fashion bargains on must haves which should not be missed!

But what we could buy? And above all where is it really worth investing our money? All the answers at the oage dedicated to fashion bargains. Enjoy the reading!


The crochet dress for many occasions

crochet dress
crochet dresses

Hello dear readers! Do you like the crochet dress? Do you think it’s a bit too vintage? It is a very special garment for Summer and above all it is versatile, one of those garment that you can really wear from morning to evening, combining it with the right accessories.

Follow me on the blog, at the dedicated page. You will find some tips on how to wear the crochet dress. Enjoy the reading!


Safari style, in downtown too

stile safari, safari style
safari style

Good morning dear friends! For all those who are thinking about abandoning this reading because they don’t love saharan jackets, straw hats, cargo pants, I would like to say that today’s topic is something else. Indeed, it deals with style and elegance, the characteristics of safari style are designed thinking of the over 40 woman. I will speak about the gorgeous colours of the boundless African spaces, from beige to brown and white too. In this post you will find casual and chic looks, perfect for many occasions.

Follow me, then, at the dedicated page of the blog, to discover the safari style and the Spring fashion looks I have chosen for you!

Is your capsule wardrobe ready for the beach?

capsule wardrobe
capsule wardrobe

I knew it was going to end this way! To talk about the capsule wardrobe, the one I fear most, the one that gives me the headache just thinking about it. But many of you are ready to go on holiday, to reach beautiful sandy beaches during next sunny weekends. I must confess, I do not really like packing the suitcase, I’m one of those who can bring the whole wardrobe with her. So, in order to help myself and you, my dear readers, I’ve prepared a useful list, the one that will solve all your problems about luggages, at the dedicated page to the capsule wardrobe.


The guide to wear shorts after 40


Shorts … I thought a while before deciding whether or not I should write a post on this subject. I was torn about until the last minute, after reading many web pages that include the shorts in the black list of Summer fashion trends to avoid after 40. But I like challenges, so I decided, going a bit against the current, that the shorts can become part of our Summer wardrobe. And I would say that, if you take care of some tips, they can be worn to create special and unique outfits, thanks to that touch of freshness that makes the look more modern. Follow me, then, at the dedicated page of the blog, the guide to wear shorts after 40.


A few and easy tips for a flat stomach

tips for a flat belly
tips for a flat belly

Having a flat stomach is the dream of all women. And it is also mine, even if I have been given a lean column body shape and have practiced competitive sports for many years. Which confirms that the older you get, the more difficult this goal become. Pregnancies, eating habits, unstable hormones, just to mention some of the most popular factors that can wipe all the efforts you made in the gym hall to sculpt the abs. How many times have you waken up in the morning with a flat stomach and got roundness in this area during the day? Well, if your answer includes this calculation, stay tuned with me to figure out how to camouflage that unsightly balloon, keep on reading the post about the easy tips for a flat stomach.


What you shouldn’t miss out on Summer sales

Summer sales
summer sales

… For those who have not noticed, which I doubt strongly, summer sales have just begun! And I think it is right to speak about this argument, to give you some tips and turn this occasion into a real opportunity, avoid the mistakes that sometimes drive you to buy unnecessary items, just because they are cheap. So, what to buy on summer sales? Which is the Summer fashion that we will keep on wearing again notwithstanding seasonal trends? At the dedicated page of the blog you will find a wishlist of must have items thought for the the woman over 40, who looks for elegant and stylish items on Summer sales.


How to find the swimsuit that best flatters your body


(Photo by Pete Johnson from Pexels). Good morning my dear readers! Are you ready for summer sales? Maybe yes! And you are going to buy a swimsuit for your next holidays on the beach! Well, if this is your case, stay tuned! Today I’m going to talk about the swimsuit, precisely about the styles that best flatter all body shapes, the ones that will make you walk the beach catwalk with awareness and charm. As for clothes, indeed, there is a special swimsuit for everyone. It is not a simple pairing of the top and the bottom of a bikini, it is a real necessity that drives you to look for the items that enhance your body. Follow me, then, at the dedicated page of the blog, the one about the perfect swimsuit.

The classy beach outfit is a must have

dress code on the beach
dress code on the beach

(Photo from Pexels by Pete Johnson). Good morning dear readers! Are you lying on the beach, under the sun of a famous overcrowded holiday resort? And what are you wearing? A bikini, of course! Well, at least I hope you are! But that’s not enough for the classy over 40 woman. The beach outfit comprehends more than just that, the dress code is valid on the beach too. Indeed, I would dare to say that the more you are less dressed, the more the dress code becomes important. Few but special items added to your bikini can make the difference. Starting from the beach robe, like the caftan or the kimono or the short dress, to be paired with flat shoes, the wide-brimmed hat for those who love this accessory…. The list goes on at the dedicated page of the blog, where you will find the special beach outfits for your next holidays.

A long dress for this Summer evenings and holidays

long dresses
long dresses

The long dress is back! The great fashion designers have had models walk down the catwalks wearing different long dresses, suitable for many styles and occasions. I believe that among those gorgeous garments, there’s certainly the most suitable one, the one that will flatter your body shape. Trust me! And today I’m also going to convince those who cannot live without trousers or short dresses. And who knows if I will succeed in my intention! The long dress is really one of the best garments of this Summer fashion, perfect to be worn from dawn to sunset if you learn how to pair it with the best accessories. Why don’t you stay tuned, dear readers and get ready to listen to my pills of wisdom? Keep on reading at the dedicated page to the gorgeous long dress.


The long skirt is a must have item in your Summer wardrobe

long skirts
long skirts

(Photo by Artem Bali from Pexel)

With these days’ hot temperature I cannot help but speak about a very feminine clothing item like the long skirt. I’m addressing, above all, to those who cannot but help wear pants, those who keep on thinking that the skirt is not suitable for them. But it’s not true, my dear readers! The long skirt is a garment that fits almost all types of body shapes, provided that some tips are followed. And today I will start from those who have a pear-shaped body, with large hips and thighs, those who are often convinced that they can hide inside a pair of trousers. Nothing could be more wrong! Keep on reading at the dedicated page of the blog, the one about the long skirt!

Go for boho style when the days become brighter

boho style
boho style

How many times have you heard of the boho style and how many times about the gipsy style? So many foreign terms to identify what? The kind of look that often appears in Spring and Summer fashion and that calls to mind the gypsy mood. If you only pronounce it, you can perceive even the colours and the joy of the 60ies. These two styles have something in common.

The boho  borrows from the gipsy long and colourful skirts, the love for nature that emerges from the floral prints and the paisley patterns, the desire of freedom suggested by soft fabrics, fringes and tassels that flutter in the wind. Everything seems so simple, but nothing is left to chance…

Keep on reading at the dedicated page of the blog, the one about the boho style.



A floral dress makes you always smile

floral dress
floral dresses

Does today’s post about the floral dress seem a little obvious? Not for me! The fact is that with better temperatures I can abandon my favourite denim trousers for a more feminine outfit, a dress!

And I’ve probably been influenced on the argument by this Summer fashion, which propose the floral dress in many styles. From the knee-lenght to the long dress, from the slip to mini dress. Lovely solutions for everybody! But how to understand which dress is more suitable for our body?

Well, dear readers, follow me in this short guide about the floral dress.



The Summer dresses you will use for transitioning into Fall

Summer dresses for Fall
Summer dresses for Fall

“Leave your Summer dresses, the Summer is ending, a year is going by too…” It’s not just a song’s lyrics. Since a few weeks ago, the days have shortened and I’m feeling blue at the idea of giving up the Sunday dinners barefooted in the sand. I wish I could still enjoy these moments, contemplate the colours of the sunset over the sea, wait for the moon rising over the water. It’s really hard to leave this beautiful summer! Clearly, I must do anything, but what? …

Go to the dedicated page of the blog to discover the Summer dresses you will use again in October!



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