Summer bags and accessories

(Photo by Artem Beliaikin, from Pexel) Summer bags … how much we love you! The passion for bags still goes on in Summer too. The joy for the Summer brings us good vibes and if we had some kind of budget available we would always be looking for the last bag. And what about accessories? They are never enough, especially at the age of 40, when we are driven more towards simpler clothes and classic colours, thus we need to look for those accessories that are a bit special, able to give personality to our outfits.

Follow the advice by Yourstyleover40 to find the Summer bags and accessories of your dreams or reuse what you already have, in any case to understand how to create winning combinations.

Fashion accessories that never go out of style

fashion accessories
fashion accessories

Do you remember a special item you bought that attracted you so much? Have you ever wondered why? They are often objects that accompany us for many years. A watch with a nice strap, a designer belt, a shoulder bag that we like to wear both to go to the supermarket and to listen to a classical music concert. Often they are more expensive items, but just for the fact that they enhance each of our outfits, it is worth saving for their purchase.

On the dedicated page of the blog, I have identified some second-hand fashion accessories that are among my favourites. What are you waiting for to read the post?


Beach holiday outfits with the swimsuit, at the beach and beyond

donna al mare con cappello in paglia
beach holiday outfits

Would you like to dress up with a swimsuit and just something more to go from the beach directly to the informal dinner? Without too much effort, since being on holiday also means loosening the dress code? Well, you are in the right place because I have built the perfect outfits for your beach holiday looks, simple but classy, those that will certainly not make you go unnoticed! Follow me on the blog at the page dedicated to the beach holiday outfits, and don’t forget a good sunscreen in your holiday suitcase!

Sunglasses: the best evergreen trends to wear

occhiali da sole
trendy sunnies for summer

Do you belong to that category of women who like all kinds of accessories, just like me? Bags, scarves and sunglasses? I must say that as the time goes by, my wardrobe becomes richer in basic and timeless garments, where, however, the accessories give that truly unique pop of personality. And sunglasses do their part, a pair of large and mysterious lenses, a frame that softens the angular features, in short, a special accessory that is worth more than anything else because it makes the look just perfect. On the blog, today, I’m talking about sunglasses, the styles that are everlasting and outlive any trend. And in which it is really worth investing, the sunnies that we will wear for many more seasons. Follow me on the blog, at this link, to discover the best evergreen trends to wear!

The fashion bags that make your looks

fashion bags

Spring and summer fashion bags! And how to do otherwise without you! Apart from the indispensable use to contain not only the necessary, but above all the superfluous, they are the accessory that we women like best. This year there are so many different styles for all women and some are really bizarre. However, I prefer something more classic and suitable for the over 40 women, those bags that can be reused for different occasions. What are you waiting for! Discover them with me! Read the blog post dedicated to the bags for this gorgeous summer!

The summer must haves you must not miss!

summer must haves
summer must haves

Whenever a new wave of fresh and cheerful fashion trend arrives I start looking for those garments we will wear more and more often in the future. Known as must haves, or evergreen, or essentials. Certainly in common they have a simple and classic elegance, able to outlive every gust of wind. This year, in particular, summer fashion seems to have noticed this habit, which is common to many women over 40 and over 50. And clothing and accessories are many and interesting, including swuimsuits, sandals, shorts, summer bags, dresses suitable for many different body types. Discover them with me, on the blog at the page dedicated to the summer must haves!

Swimwear trends, finally we go to the beach!

swimwear trends
swimwear trends

First Sunday at the beach, relaxing under the sun umbrella, to forget the months spent in isolation. The first day on the sand is never the easiest one, however. Last year’s swimsuit doesn’t seem to fit well anymore and we find ourselves a bit confused in choosing the right style for our body. One piece bathing suit or bikni, plain colour or patterned? There are millions of gorgeous swimsuits in shop windows or glossy magazines, but they all seem to wink only at the others. We must leave aside doubts and fears and look for the style that best enhances our shapes and our personality! Enjoy the reading about the swimwear trends!

Fashion jelly sandals for your special looks

sandali di gomma glitterati
jelly sandals for a trendy summer

Jelly sandals and fashion slippers for a trendy Summer at the sea! Pretty decorations for your feet that add some freshness and glam to your look. And what about a gorgeous summer bag to pair with your special footwear! Amazing, to be always at the top without spending too much money. And let me say that these beautiful accessories can be worn for the grocery shopping to be elegant and unique also at the supermarket.

Do you want to know more on this subject? Click on the link to go to the page dedicated to fashion jelly sandals and summer bags. Discover my new tips and post and choose the items you like most!

The best sarong to be elegant at the beach

donna in spiaggia che solleva la sabbia
sarong and elegance at the beach

(Photo by David Potaczala on Unsplash) Dear readers, do you like the sarong? Is it already part of your beachwear? I really hope so! There are so many wonderful sarongs, in fresh linen and organza fabrics and also in silk and cotton, with the brightest and most fashionable patterns. But is the sarong good for every body shape? And above all how can it flatter our figure? Which are the best prints and patterns for the over 40 woman who does not give up elegance and style even at the beach? Well, for all these questions and for other questions too you just need to click on the link, read the post on the blog dedicated to the sarong, browse through the images to find your best style. Enjoy the reading!

What you shouldn’t miss out on Summer sales

Summer sales
summer sales

… For those who have not noticed, which I doubt strongly, Summer sales have just begun! And I think it is right to speak about this argument, to give you some tips and turn this occasion into a real opportunity, avoid the mistakes that sometimes drive you to buy unnecessary items, just because they are cheap. So, what to buy on summer sales? The must have items and the garments you will wear next year, those that endure this year trends and fashion. The wishlist which follows has been thought for the the woman over 40, who looks for elegant and stylish items on Summer sales. Go on reading at the dedicated page of the blog, to get the best tips about these Summer sales.


How to find the swimsuit that best flatters your body


(Photo by Pete Johnson from Pexels). Good morning my dear readers! Are you ready for summer sales? Maybe yes! And you are going to buy a swimsuit for your next holidays on the beach! Well, if this is your case, stay tuned! Today I’m going to talk about the swimsuit, precisely about the styles that best flatter all body shapes, the ones that will make you walk the beach catwalk with awareness and charm. As for clothes, indeed, there is a special swimsuit for everyone. It is not a simple pairing of the top and the bottom of a bikini, it is a real necessity that drives you to look for the items that enhance your body. …Keep on reading at the dedicated page of the blog, to discover the best swimsuit that flatters your body shape!


The gorgeous sunglasses you won’t want to miss


When I think of sunglasses I see the beautiful Audrey Hepburn in that timeless image taken from one of her most famous movies, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, in which she wears large and enveloping sunglasses that have become a real cult object, a symbol of elegance and style. Oversized sunnies for a mysterious diva who wants to hide her gaze. The sunglasses we all want to wear. But what are the most suitable sunglasses for our face? Yes, the question is important, especially when you are going to buy the perfect eyewear. You try many styles, you feel a bit disoriented and you risk buying just the ones you should avoid. It is good to remember that sunglasses cover your face, just like a dress with your body. Keep on reading, then, to discover the best sunglasses for your beautiful face.

Add the evening bag for a stunning outfit

animalier printed shoulder bag
animalier printed shoulder bag

The evening bag! What a special Summer bag! And also elegant bag! A small jewel, a precious accessory that changes the outfit. This is the right definition. I hope none of you have thought that the topic about bags was concluded with the post I published last week, dedicated to the day bag! Indeed, as the sun goes down, bags too change and become smaller and sparkling. They still remain important and indispensable to create unique and special outfits. In addition, elegant bags for ceremonies too belong to this category, so, if in this wonderful Spring’s month, between a wedding ceremony and your daughter’s First Holy Communion you do not know yet which bag you should go for, well, keep on reading my post at the dedicated page, the one that speaks about gorgeous evening bags.

How to choose the perfect day bag

denim outfit and Braccialini bag
denim outfit and Braccialini bag

How to choose the day bag? Well, it must be capacious because women put inside it a lot of things, even those that are not needed. So go for the maxi size if you are tall, but if you are like the majority of Italian beauties, you’d better choose a medium-sized bag. That’s because the bag too must be proportionate to the body shape. Try to imagine a giraffe woman with a small bag … Unbearable! Another detail not to be overlooked concerns the way how you carry the day bag. Do you remember when I told you that edges and details should never coincide with the largest part of your body? Well, this piece of advice also applies to the bag!

Keep on reading, then, at the dedicated page of the blog to see some Summer bags and discover the perfect day bag for you!


The power of women’s accessories

black fashion accessories
black fashion accessories

After 40, women’s accessories are the irreplaceable allies that can change anonymous and basic garments. From the vintage brooch to the heeled shoes, from the printed belt to the special bag. The choice is really wide, but among the objects that must not miss in your closet, my dear readers, some are really indispensable.

Keep on reading at the dedicated page of the blog, to find out how to use women’s accessories and improve all your outfits!


My Liu Jo stripes clutch bag, the bag for many occasions

cltuch bag and accessories
clutch bag and accessories

For my daughter’s first Holy Communion I was looking for a simple, flat bag to match my otfit, consisting of white trousers and a dark blue macramé lace shirt with peplum. I bought a clutch bag by Liu Jo, the New Cannes model, that has white, blue and dark blue stripes. It was perfect for my clothes, it had the same colours and I completed the outfit with my beautiful blue and gold sandals. This summer bag well contained the wallet, the cell phone, the handkerchiefs, without changing the thin and elongated shape and the detachable strap well matched my Swaroski necklace. …

keep on reading at the dedicated page of the blog to see some Summer bags and discover how to improve your outfits with the clutch bag.




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