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Dress code for work, special occasions, even for your free time. But how can all these style tips agree with your style personality? Is there a way to make rules and preferences match perfectly? It must be found and the best way is to start with understanding the main features of the different styles and discover your best style personality.

Creative style

If you like creative style you have a wardrobe full of items of various kinds, ranging from vintage to high fashion, which you match creatively to your outfits. You like to wear trousers with tunics and dresses, eye-catching blouses, clothing with stunning colours, you cannot do without jewellery shoes and ethnic necklaces. The colours you wear are not always well matched, but they will surely be stunning, like those of the outfits of a great fashion designer, Vivienne Westwood. Sometimes your creativeness has to come to terms with rules, especially at work. In that case bring your creativity into the choice of accessories: eye-catching necklaces, showy buckles, coloured scarves will make the dress code for work, more personal.

Dramatic style

You love to be noticed, you always want to make an entrance at a dinner party, even when you go out for a coffee with your friends. You highlight your body with corset tops, wrap and skinny dresses. Your make-up is always stunning, you can wear red lipstick at breakfast time. You like “Oscar” dresses, high heels and stiletto. Star Madonna could be a source of inspiration for you. At work try to lighten your style by using jackets and opt for a lighter makeup, choosing whether to emphasize the eyes or the lips.

Romantic style

Beautiful actress Nicole Kidman is the woman who perfectly embodies this style. If you are a romantic type like her, you love details in your clothes, bows, ruffles, flounces, ribbons. In your wardrobe, there are certainly lightweight, impalpable dresses, floral prints, accessories and decorative details such as brooches, jewellery, silk and chiffon scarves. You love luxury fabrics including angora, cashmere and silk.

At work, you can wear a jacket or a cardigan to complete your outfit.

Classic style

Your style is timeless and elegant. You like to appear well turned-out. Your dresses are formal and have simple and straight patterns. You usually wear a pearl necklace to enrich your outfit. Your style is adopted by most women involved in politics. To avoid appearing too serious and formal, wear each item of your tailleurs separately, add female accessories such as stunning necklaces, high heels, and coloured scarves.

Natural style

Julia Roberts is a famous natural, she feels good and comfortable in her clothes and likes casual and simple looks, avoiding formal and anything that constricts the body. And if your tastes are similar to hers, you definitely like trousers with flat shoes, deconstructed and loose-fitting clothes, long skirts that allow freedom of movement, minimal jewellery. At  work you can match your trousers to a good-quality top. As for the hair, which you normally wear loose and wavy, you can pull into a chignon or a ponytail.

City chic style

If you are a city chic type you love shoes and accessories so much that your savings are intended only for these investments. You generally follow trends but not fashion, you tend to go for a tone-on-tone look. You like to wear sporty trousers with twin sets or classic shirts, simple dresses that you highlight with stunning necklaces. Beautiful actress Sharon Stone is a famous city chic.


Have you find your style personality? Maybe you love more that one style and that’s fine… you can mix together those styles that have something in common. Sometimes your prefer a style to another one and that’s ok too, your taste simply follows your mood. It’s your personality that leads you, let it come out!


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