How I started the blog

It’s important to colour every single day of your life with unique outfits or accessories in harmony with your mood. It’s a kind of ritual that must be renewed every day, as a gesture of love for the person you have become, always immersed in family’s duties and work.

It is not easy, especially when the mood tends to see only the features changed by the age, but it is necessary to recover the healthy selfishness hidden within us, the one we were accustomed to when we were younger and it was easier to enjoy life. This attitude must come back again, not just when a disease reminds us that, after all, we are lucky people when we are healthy.

And here am I, at 50 years old, after the last surgery has reminded me of what I had already known for a while, but had never felt under my skin. “”Do something you like!” Okay, okay, but what do I like the most? … Making jewels!.. no, no, I’ve stopped it, …well ……I do it occasionally ..but…. There’s always a “but” that makes me wandering around my thoughts. When your agenda reminds you of respecting the time to complete your day’s commitments and you finally dive into your couch only after the offspring has gone to bed, shouting in your mind, not to wake them up, the fateful touchdown that marks the decisive victory in your daily game, then it happens that you fall asleep in front of the TV, there is no hero who keeps your eyelid raised, you are so tired that every passion is careful not to say “Hello, here am I!”

That day, however, Something happened. Nothing upsetting. I just woke up thinking I could do something I liked. I felt happy. Aware of the difficulties, but “confused and happy”. I would be able to find time, because I had finally understood that when you do something you like, tiredness leaves the place to enthusiasm and everyone in the family enjoy your serenity. I realized that everything could turn around my passion and contribute to its realization, the energy and the efforts put in any moment of my life, my degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures, the years spent in contact with people at the information office, my current job in the field of communication. One day, for curiosity, I also enrolled in an online image consulting course. The following year I started to consider that argument more seriously and after a while, that spring during my break from work due to the last surgery, I got my degree in image consulting at the Blackford Centre of London. But I couldn’t stop there, always looking for something new to share with others. So, driven by the need to do something for my children and for the planet that hosts us, after facing an illness whose name I don’t want to pronounce, I understood that this passion was something more. It had occupied my mind when chemotherapy took the luxury of deciding on my body, it brought to me some happy entertainment, making me overcome that year without realizing it. It was saving my life. And I found myself riding its wave, experimenting with new topics including sustainable fashion, thanks to the course organized by the London College of Fashion and Kering.

In the meantime, I recruited some testers among my friends and my families, who patiently listened to my fashion tips. I started to have fun and to think that this willingness to give advice could really bring me to a more demanding road and become


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