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Spring fashion to wear now

It is time to wear lighter clothes! Spring fashion widens the choice of day outfits and ranges from knee-length dresses, to jacket suits in light and fancy fabrics, outfits built around a beautiful silk blouse or a pair of blue jeans.

Spring fashion makes you smile and shine, with the trendiest and brightest colours, the patterns that comes out like the first bold flowers from the snow.

Yourstyleover40 is the blog for the elegant woman who does not give up a bit of joy and originality. In these pages you will find some tips on how  to follow Spring fashion with style and personality.

Safari style, in downtown too

stile safari, safari style
safari style

Good morning dear friends! For all those who are thinking about abandoning this reading because they don’t love saharan jackets, straw hats, cargo pants, I would like to say that today’s topic is something else. Indeed, it deals with style and elegance, the characteristics of safari style are designed thinking of the over 40 woman. I will speak about the gorgeous colours of the boundless African spaces, from beige to brown and white too. In this post you will find casual and chic looks, perfect for many occasions.

Follow me, then, at the dedicated page of the blog, to discover the safari style and the Spring fashion looks I have chosen for you!

Four Spring looks for this crazy season

beige blazer and white blouse
best Spring looks

Let’s pretend it’s really May! Do not worry about to the persistent showers and the low temperatures that have forced us to turn the radiator back on! Because of the dullness of these rainy days, in addition to the heating, also the nostalgic vein has been triggered for the months of May that went by, when we used to spend our free time out in the open air, riding towards wonderful seaside resorts to start the beach season.

Do not surrender dear readers, Spring must be always with us, Spring fashion will lift our mood for sure! Follow me then, at the dedicated page of the blog, to discover some special outfits built on unique, perfect pieces suitable for a thousand other combinations. What are you waiting for? Find out the best Spring looks!

The jumpsuit of your dreams

casual and elegant jumpsuits

Do you know that the jumpsuit is a very special garment for over 40 women? After having abandoned it for years in the closet I have started to consider it again. It is an extremely versatile garment of this Spring fashion, suitable for casual and formal occasions. What we have to do is looking for the right combinations, those accessories that can elevate it and make the difference. And of course, we must find the right style for our body shape. Follow me, then, to the dedicated page of my blog, the one about the jumpsuit that you absolutely must wear!


How to wear the sequin skirt for your daytime looks

gonna in paillettes color oro
the sequin skirt for your daytime looks

Good morning dear friends! Are you a bit upset about today’s post? Don’t you like the sequin skirt? I’m sure you will change your opinion right from the first paragraph! It is one of those garments that can be worn in a thousand ways. Lay your prejudices aside, your greatest fear that screams that the sequin skirt widens! I have the solution for your nightmare too, so make yourself comfortable on the sofa and follow me! At the dedicated page of the blog about the sequin skirt.



The white laced blouse that will make your looks

white laced blouse
the white laced blouse

Good morning friends! Today I will talk about one of my favorite clothes, the white laced blouse. Outside it’s sunny, but the temperatures are incredibly wintry, I’m tired of sweaters and coats and I really need a garment that can bring me already to the sea, at least with my mind, my mood and who knows, even with my legs in a few days! At the dedicated page of the blog, you will find really interesting tips about how to combine the laced blouse with jeans, elegant skirts, in short, to create amazing looks both for leisure and chic occasions. What are you waiting for! Click on the link and enjoy the reading!


Special looks with the trendy blazer

white blazer and faux leather pants
special looks with the blazer

The blazer triumphs among the outerwear this Spring. And it could not be otherwise. It’s perfect with elegant dresses, it elevates the casual look and makes so special the pencil skirt. The shop windows in downtown are full of different blazers, right for any body shape, from the shaped style to the large and straight one that seems to be borrowed from your partner’s wardrobe. For this reason I have decided to write a post about the new ways of pairing the blazer with day and evening looks, according to the latest trendy patterns and colours.

Follow me at the dedicated page, discover with me the most amazing looks with the blazer!


How to make the trouser suit look so special

trouser suit
how to refresh the trouser suit

The suit is the kind of clothing we all associate with office looks. It gives style and elegance, but sometimes it is necessary to refresh it a little, to add that typically feminine flair that softens the dullness and severity of the uniform. Sometimes it is really sad to start the day with a blue or dark grey trouser suit. Colours, accessories, light and precious fabrics can completely change the look without losing the aplomb of the suit.

But how we can do it? Follow me, then, at the dedicated page of the blog, where you will find interesting tips and images to make your trouser suit look so special.


A pop of lace for your trendy Spring looks

coloured lace and flowers
how to wear the lace

Good morning dear friends! Are you, like me, longing for romantic lace blouses when the warm weather arrives? Or for a top with a special hem that peeks out from the sweater? Well, today, at the dedicated page of my blog, I will talk about the lace and how to wear it after 40 and 50. And here you will get many interesting tips to be always at the top, elegant and never excessive. And you will also find special outfits! Maybe, among them there is also the one you are looking for, for the Holy Communion of your child or for your friend’s wedding! What are you waiting for? Follow me to discover everything about the lace!


Four inspiring looks for transitioning into Spring

looks for transitioning into Spring
looks for transitioning into Spring

Spring temperatures in the morning that change suddenly after lunch. In certain months of the year you never know how to dress. We cover ourselves too much or not enough, a middle way is not always easy to find, especially if you want to look elegant and fashionable too. But I’m here to help you, dear readers! Apart from the problem of temperatures, do not forget style and class before choosing any kind of clothes!

I’ve prepared some inspiring looks for these crazy months of the year, where you will find lots of interesting ideas for transitioning into Spring! Follow me to the dedicated page of the blog, that about the looks!


Living Coral, how to wear the colour of the year

how to wear the living coral, the colour of the year
living coral, the colour of the year

Do you know what is the spring fashion colour of this year? The Living Coral, a color so cheerful that invites you to good mood. Pantone has crowned this beautiful shade and I’m really happy because it is among my friendly colours, that is to say, those that enhance my complexion. There are many ways to wear it and be trendy, even for those who are used to decidedly darker or neutral colours. For this reason I’ve decided to write a special post, where you’ll find some tips on how to wear it, how to pair it with the garments you still have in your closet, Do you want to know something more about the argument? Follow me to the blog page dedicated to Living Coral!


Go for boho style when the days become brighter

Fringe top
Fringe top

How many times have you heard of the boho style and how many times about the gipsy style? So many foreign terms to identify what? The kind of look that often appears in Spring and Summer and that calls to mind the gypsy mood. If you only pronounce it, you can perceive even the colours and the joy of the 60ies. These two styles have something in common.

The boho  borrows from the gipsy long and colourful skirts, the love for nature that emerges from the floral prints and the paisley patterns, the desire of freedom suggested by soft fabrics, fringes and tassels that flutter in the wind.

Everything seems so simple, but nothing is left to chance…

Go to the dedicated page and learn more about how to wear the boho style



A floral dress makes you always smile

Floral dress
Floral dress

Does today’s post about the floral dress seem a little obvious? Not for me! The fact is that with better temperatures I can abandon my favourite denim trousers for a more feminine outfit, a dress!

And I’ve probably been influenced on the argument by Spring fashion trends, which propose the floral dress in many styles. From the knee-lenght to the long dress, from the slip to mini dress. Lovely solutions for everybody! But how to understand which dress is more suitable for our body? Well, dear readers, follow me in this short guide!

Go to the dedicated page of the blog, that about the floral dress.



How to wear polka dots after 40

polka dots pattern
polka dots pattern

Polka dots are not my passion and there has never been room for them in my closet.  But I have to! I have to talk about this pattern! Maybe you’re not even interested in this topic … but I have to! Because during these beautiful Spring days, not only the beautiful flowers in my garden have sprouted, but also a sort of unreasonable outfits with polka dots. So I feel like having to say something about it, even if this pattern is not among my favourites.

However, I must admit that this Summer Spring fashion has proposed the polka dots in many outfits. So, if you want to know how to wear this pattern after 40, you just have to go to the dedicated page of my blog and discover the outfits with the polka dots pattern that I have created for you. Enjoy the reading!

Breton stripes for pretty and elegant outfits

breton stripes dress
breton stripes dress

In my closet there is always room for Breton stripes. A shirt, a dress, even a pair of trousers. I like them, I find it a pattern that never goes out of fashion, perfect for women over 40. It fits many outfits, from sports to casual, from formal to elegant ones. But when we talk about Breton stripes, a doubt comes to life to such an extent that we leave the piece of clothing we have just fallen in love with, on the shelf of the store. Stripes widen! That is the question! Do not tell me you have never thought about it, dear readers! My friend Rita does not even let me talk about the matter. But I am more stubborn than her and I will try to give honour to this pattern and give you some tips to understand how to wear them without fear. …

Follow my tips at the dedicated page on how to wear the Breton stripes.


The pink outfit makes the sun come out

pink sweater with lace
pink sweater with lace

… and how to wear the pink oufit after 40? Can you think of a total pink outfit from head to toe? Dear friends, absolutely not! To avoid the candy effect or the grown up doll, the pink look should be designed for the elegant lady. Around the web I’ve seen so many total pink looks on beautiful ladies over 40 and 50, but the result, in my opinion, was striking and cloying. Women don’t have to attract attention like the Queen of England who must always be recognizable by her guards. They must adopt a more sober attitude towards colours. Which, put into practice, means wearing the pink dress with … Keep on reading at the dedicated page and discover the best pink outfits for women over 40.


An elegant outfit for Easter for every body shape

brocade minidress
brocade minidress

Dear readers! I really believe that the elegant outfit must be one of the topics inside your closet. Even if you spend hours and hours in front of a computer or inside your kitchen, sooner or later the special occasion that demands it will occur and you will have to look for the right one. It could be for any kind of ceremonies, like your son’s Holy Communion or Confirmation, the marriage of your best friend, or simply the special day in which to be the undisputed queen of the party. And I’m speaking on this argument just before Easter, which means that I can help you get some ideas through this post.

At the dedicated page of the blog, you will find the elegant outfit of this Spring fashion, the one I’ve found for every body shape, the one that best flatters your figure and that will make your femininity stand out, feel you at ease with others!

I want to wear a graphic T-shirt despite my age

t-shirt, denim and accessories
t-shirt, denim and accessories

Have you realized that by dint of talking on spring fashion I’ve brought you the sun? Allow me to go on this way, chasing good weather, let me introduce you to the following topic that maybe will trigger quite a few reactions. The graphic T-shirt! Ok ok, my dear readers! Slow down and keep calm. I’ve not lost my bearings. I still understand the concepts of elegance and class. But it’s also true that I like challenges, reason for I invite you to read the post I wrote on this topic, the one that contains those important tips able to change the cotton rag into the precious item that will give that special touch of glam and style to your outfits. …

Go to the dedicated page of the blog and discover the many outfits with graphic T-shirts I’ve chosen for you.


5 outfits with the denim shirt for all body shapes

denim shirt, white blazer, red ankle boots
denim shirt, white blazer, red ankle boots

I have to admit it. The denim shirt has never been one of my priorities, but recently I have changed my mind and I have discovered that it is really another must have to add to my endless list. I used to wear it when I was a teenager, like all my friends, then, growing up, I abandoned it. I found it difficult to match it with another of my dearest clothing items, the denim trousers, because they often did not have the same shade of blue. Now, however, after many experiments on possible and creative combinations and conversations on the subject with the friends of all time, I am ready to show you all my secrets and lead you to wear this versatile clothing item. And I promise you that I will find the right outfit for each of you, it doesn’t matter which body shape you are! …

Keep on reading at the dedicated page of the blog and discover the many ways to wear the denim shirt


5 winning white outfits for any season

white sweater
white sweater

How many times have you been told you should wear black because it makes you look slimmer! And how many times have you avoided white outfits believing they would give you some extra size! Surely more than once you should have had to choose between these two colours, guided by false clichés. White is not a real colour, it’s pure light, a real explosion of light that can only improve your look and your mood. First of all, to the people you relate with, because it communicates trust and good humor. And to you too: if you choose the right shade of white that flatters your complexion and enhances the colours of your eyes and hair, you feel at ease, you look healthier and younger, and the signs of time will be minimized. …

My tips about white outfits at the dedicated page.

A splash of red to call the Spring

red accessories for Spring
red accessories for Spring

When the days get longer and the fog leaves our cities, the air gets warmer and generates that sense of expectation for the Spring that is almost at the door. The colours become protagonists, with the first daring flowers that come out from the snow. Which means that you too, my dear readers, will be inexorably abducted by this need of change, driven to clothes with lighter and warmer shades, splashes of colours that enliven the classic tones of winter.The need of change has already struck me with a splash of red colour. Maybe will strike you too!

Go on reading at the dedicated page about this Spring fashion, discover the best red accessories for your outfits.


How to find the most flattering jeans

Photo by Felix Russell-Saw on Unsplash
jeans, Photo by Felix Russell-Saw on Unsplash

What a great invention that of jeans! It was the year 1871 when Levi Strauss started producing five-pocket jeans for miners and gold diggers. In Europe, however, they arrived later with the American troops. During the following years they became the symbol of freedom and youth, thanks to James Dean and Marlon Brando, who influenced many generations, and in the 60ies they were adopted as the uniform of the student and political revolutions.

But my image of jeans is a bit less socially and politically involved and a much more related to a beautiful picture…..

There are a lot of different jeans’ types, right for anyone. I have chosen those that are more suitable for a woman over 40ies. All info at the dedicated page, where you’ll find also my selection of jeans according to different body shapes.





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