Special looks with the trendy blazer

giacca bianca e pantaloni in finta pelle neri

When spring arrives, the blazer returns to triumph among outerwear, with many new and inviting styles for day and night. And it is precisely in the mid-seasons, when you do not need puffer coats any longer, but the temperatures still recommend covering the shoulders, that the blazer imposes itself as the ideal solution, as the most refined alternative to layered clothing.

However, the main feature of the blazer remains elegance. A structured jacket gives class and style to the most casual look, refines denim pants and T-shirts. For those who love trousers, for those who prefer skirts and dresses, the blazer becomes a must-have item as it really manages to complete any look.

But how to pair the blazer? Keep on reading, then, I have chosen for you some very trendy outfits for style and colours. Four solutions to copy, winning combinations for the day and for the evening.

The blazer for evening occasions

You are invited to an evening party to which you certainly don’t want to give a bad impression. And you would like to wear that summer dress, in a light fabric, the one in the closet you are looking forward to wearing again. But the temperatures of April are certainly not on your side. What a best solution, that of  the jacket with structured shoulders, in contrast to the grace of the dress? It is the perfect answer to your needs, so elegant and chic for those black lance lapels that stand out against the white fabric. The accessories match perfectly the look, with the light colours that beckon the dress and the jacket.

The double-breasted blazer in Prince of Wales or check pattern

Checks and Prince of Wales are back on this Spring’s catwalks, with large double-breasted blazers that seem borrowed from the hubby’s closet. They are really versatile and perfect with every kind of clothing. Starting from the most popular combo with denim trousers, the range of solutions is so wide and includes more elegant alternatives. If you choose the same colours and patterns for the jacket and the trousers, then play with the accessories, turn on the look with bright colours to greet the spring with joy.

 The long patterned blazer

A jacket in a special pattern lights up any look and shows personality and character. The classic pair of denim pants changes completely and if you add a pair of shoes with medium heel and in a neutral colour matching the jacket you will get the perfect solution for the office look, refined, elegant and also comfortable.

The most feminine blazer, the shaped one

It is true that the blazer belongs to menswear, but a more feminine style like the shaped one highlights every body and cannot be missed. I thought about a coloured blazer that can be matched with a skirt in a dark colour to create a great contrast. Go for the pencil skirt if your have a lean column body shape, otherwise opt for the panelled or for the A-shaped style if you have curvy hips. To complete the look add a pair of coloured sneakers.

How to choose the right blazer

The shaped blazer suits most body shapes and it’s good for emphasizing or enhancing waistlines. The large and straight blazer can add some volume; for this reason you should pair it with slim or straight trousers and heeled shoes above all if you are of medium or low height. Remember that the jacket’s hemline should never ends at the largest part of your body: opt for waist length jackets if you have a pear shaped body, long cardigans if you have an apple body shape, jackets with the hemlines at the hips if you have a column or an inverted triangle body shape.

Happy weekend, dear readers!


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