Slingback shoes to dream of spring

slingback shoes

(Picture from Pinterest) Let’s speak about slingback shoes on this Sunday! In this third week of lockdown. After the quarantine I entered directly into the surreal atmosphere of the red zone and this COVID-19 is increasingly oppressing me. I often feel the need to open the window, to look at the clouds, because I miss freedom, just like you. At the beginning I was tempted not to write, because what’s the use of talking about fashion and shoes when you can’t leave the house, when we spend all the days in overalls and slippers? But then I said to myself the same words I used to repeat exactly one year ago, after each chemotherapy session, thinking how I overcome hard days by following my passion for fashion: free your mind with what you like most!

slingback shoes
slingback shoes, Pinterest

So, today, I am here for an even more felt reason, to talk about slingback shoes and sandals, the footwear that will make us dream this spring, to fly towards better times. When we thank because everything will be over, hoping to come out unscathed, only with a small scratch.

sandali gialli
yellow sandals, Pinterest

These pictures come from this spring fashion trend. They are the ones I love the most, the shoes that have made me smile just like a Cinderella who is now at home waiting to transform her uncertain future into a colorful and special fairy tale, with the most beautiful slingback shoes on the planet!

black shoes with chains, Pinterest
black shoes with chains, Pinterest

Some words about the shoes on fashion this season: wide and comfortable heels for the day, high and stiletto heels for the evening, different styles for different occasions. Square-toed sandals, slingbacks and pumps, jewelled sandals that shine even in the dark, minimal footwear with very thin straps, showy low-heeled mules in bright colors and statement prints. In short, many solutions for all types of feet, to help you find a pleasant gift after the storm!

middle heel sandals, Pinterest
middle heel sandals, Pinterest

Now that I have found Carrie Bradshow’s enthusiasm in many ways, from writing to speaking of shoes, promise me to take care of yourself, to wear something special tomorrow, even if you are staying at home, to celebrate the fact that you are alive and enjoying good health. Do it for you and for those around you!

Above all keep on dreaming!

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