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Shop my looks, choose among the clothes and accessories that I have chosen for you! A huge selection of items with a good price-quality relationship! To be elegant and on fashion without wasting money and time.

You just need to relax on the sofa, browse through the images to find what you like most, that special dress or the fashion accessory that will make your look.
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Shop my looks – Winter essentials

Shop my looks – Autumn essentials

Shop my looks – Summer essentials

Beach holiday outfits

look vacanze al mare con il kimono in seta

Shop my looks – Spring essentials

Shop my looks – The leopard print skirt

You will certainly have noticed that animalier print fashion is still with us! This is the third consecutive season! Which supports my thesis on considering the animalier garment as a must have iin our wardrobe. I have found this beautiful skirt in silk and polyester stretch fabric. It’s high waisted, knee length and flared, in short, a style that slides well on many body shapes. Moreover it’s so versatile and can be worn both for the office look together with the black jacket, both for leisure and for the evening date. I would add a gorgeous skirt, to wear in all seasons! Here is the link to the Amazon page, don’t miss it!

Leo print skirt, silk and polyester stretch fabric, 15,30 Euros
Leo print skirt, silk and polyester stretch fabric, 15,30 Euros on Amazon website

Shop my looks – The bon-ton lace dress

A lace dress at a special price, on Vestry website, now at a reduced price. The one you cannot miss for a ceremony or for an important date, if you are looking for an elegant look and a timeless style. All the details at this link: Vestry Online: Vestry Online

bonton lace dress on Vestry website, now at 23,00 Euros (it was 74,00)
bonton lace dress on Vestry website, now at 23,00 Euros (it was 74,00)

Shop my looks – Fashion jelly bags and fab plastic slippers

Plastic jelly slippers and bags for your fashion Summer at the beach! Special decorations for your feet that add some freshness and glam to your look. What about a gorgeous bag to pair with your special footwear! Amazing, to be always on fashion without spending too much. Really beautiful items that you can wear for your grocery shopping to be elegant and unique at the supermarket too. Click on the image below and choose the one you like most!

fashion jelly bags and slippers
fashion jelly bags and slippers on Amazon website

The perfect one-piece swimsuit

Have you ever found the perfect one-piece swimsuitt? I have and here it is! The diagonal seams visually slim down the figure and at the same time they give a more feminine and curvy shape to lean column women types. With a nice sarong this swimsuit is ideal for your happy hours barefoot in the sand; with an elegant skirt it can be worn for a special party. It is really a great purchase at a special price!

one piece shaping swimsuit
one piece shaping swimsuit, 16,99 Euros on Amazon website


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