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Shoes and sandals for Spring

Shoes and sandals, one of the most favourite topics for women! The beautiful season invites you to wear coloured outfits and leave the dark shades in the closet. Red, blue, yellow: how many beautiful shoes in the shop windows, so coloured to revive even the simplest outfit!

And what about sandals with embroidery and jewels that give a touch of class to your look.

With heels or flat, with kitten or stiletto heels … every style has its own personality. And over 40ies women can not help but notice.

In this page, shoes and sandals are real protagonists: in the following posts you will find some tips chosen by Yourstyleover40 for your spring outfits. Enjoy the reading!

The fashion shoes that will make you lose your mind

fashion shoes
fashion shoes and sandals

Today it’s raining, as it has often happened in this strange month of May, but the desire for a gorgeous Spring still resists, especially when it comes to shoes and sandals. You would like to wear them immediately, with a nice colourful dress. And this year there are some rather bizarre and curious footwear. Some look like real works of art, with those sculptural heels, unique, though, even in the price. Only to be admired, for those who don’t have a big budget. Fortunately, among the many brands’ products, there are also sandals and shoes best suited to our lifestyle. On the blog, at the dedicated page, you will find both Spring/Summer 2019 fashion shoes that walked on the catwalk, and my selection that I’ve chosen thinking of the over 40 woman, for her elegant and casual occasions. Follow me, then, to discover the fashion shoes that will make you lose your mind!

How to make the trouser suit look so special

trouser suit
how to refresh the trouser suit

The suit is the kind of clothing we all associate with office looks. It gives style and elegance, but sometimes it is necessary to refresh it a little, to add that typically feminine flair that softens the dullness and severity of the uniform. Sometimes it is really sad to start the day with a blue or dark grey trouser suit. Colours, accessories, light and precious fabrics can completely change the look without losing the aplomb of the suit.

But how we can do it? Follow me, then, at the dedicated page of the blog, where you will find interesting tips and images to make your trouser suit look so special.


Four inspiring looks for transitioning into Spring

looks for transitioning into Spring
looks for transitioning into Spring

Spring temperatures in the morning that change suddenly after lunch. In certain months of the year you never know how to dress. We cover ourselves too much or not enough, a middle way is not always easy to find, especially if you want to look elegant and fashionable too. But I’m here to help you, dear readers! Apart from the problem of temperatures, do not forget style and class before choosing any kind of clothes!

I’ve prepared some inspiring looks for these crazy months of the year, where you will find lots of interesting ideas for transitioning into Spring! Shoes included! Follow me to the dedicated page of the blog, that about the looks!


The footwear everyone will wear this Spring

Spring footwear trends
Spring footwear trends

The week has been bad at work… difficulties in arguing with colleagues who always think they are right. So… let them believe it and as for me and you, my dear readers … well let’s dive into the fantastic world of footwear! I really need to unplug and what’s is more suitable than some nice images of coloured sandals, Forget me not shoes, I need you over everything else ankle boots! …

From February fashion shows I noticed some footwear really suitable for women over 40ies and I’m looking forward to showing them to you, my dear Cinderellas! And to give you my advice on how to find the right shoes for your feet and ankles. …

Keep on reading at the dedicate page of the blog to discover the best footwear for Spring.

A splash of red to call the Spring

red ankle boots and bag
red ankle boots and bag

When the days get longer and the fog leaves our cities, the air gets warmer and generates that sense of expectation for the Spring that is almost at the door. The colours become protagonists, with the first daring flowers that come out from the snow. Which means that you too, my dear readers, will be inexorably abducted by this need of change, driven to clothes with lighter and warmer shades, splashes of colours that enliven the classic tones of winter.

The need of change has already struck me with a splash of red colour. I wanted a pair of ankle boots with kitten heels and a bag. Both red, of course. …

Keep on reading at the dedicated page of the blog, to see how to wear red this Spring.


5 outfits to wear sneakers and look amazingly elegant

sneaker outfit
sneaker outfit

My love for trainers and sneakers came from my sports nature and attitudes, something that has always belonged to me and which still brings me to mix these shoes with classic and formal outfits, to make them more pleasant and less formal.

I really appreciate the fact that many stylists often use this kind of shoes to mix styles, create particular looks that meet the taste of a wider audience. And there’s a wide choice of sneakers around. I have chosen some, thinking about the style and elegance of a woman over 40ies.

Keep on reading the post at the dedicated page, discover the best sneakers to wear for any occasion.


Which pair of shoes do I wear tomorrow?

shoes and ankle boots
shoes and ankle boots

Which pair of shoes do I wear tomorrow to go to work? I dunno… well… While my thoughts are wandering around, I look at them, two in a row, but I hardly decide, I admire all my shoes, I think again and again, at the end of a day which had been simply busy, when the kids (one is about 71 inches tall) already sleep like a rock. But I like taking my time in easy and coloured thoughts. It makes me relax…. Anyway, shoes are never enough for me, like scarves and foulards. I must admit it, I have an insolent foot that always pretends the perfect pair of shoes. But I could never wear slippers! So, which pair of shoes do I wear tomorrow? Keep on reading at the dedicated page to find out the best pair of shoes to go to work.


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