Shoes and sandals to grab a smile

Do you know what I do every now and then between a new decree issued by the President of the Council of Ministers – known in Italy as DPCM – that forces us to stay at home and the exciting excursions granted for the supermarket? I put on the coolest, most chic and «wow» producing shoes and sandals I have! Yes, you got it right, I’ll take a walk in the corridor with them. Victim of my passion for fashion that becomes unmanageable when it feels the first warmth of spring!

Every now and then it is good to remind your feet that there are not only slippers for smart working. But also beautiful shoes and sandals, the best allies ever, for the special outfits that belong to a world ago and that we will return to wear like the hopeful Cinderella. On the day when our President of the Council of the Ministers will undo the spell to make us feel again the magic of life in the outer world, when everything will be safer and more peaceful.


Trending shoes and sandals for this spring

In the meantime, let’s make our eyes shine with some really cool shoes and sandals! The best news is that this year’s spring fashion is not detached from reality. In addition to the proposals for special occasions, it announces itself with comfortable shoes and sandals, also suitable for those who work from home. Sneakers, ballet flats, kitten heels, slingbacks, mules, in short, special footwear to frame the feet and make us feel good and beautiful even at home. To combine with jeans or elegant trousers, together with tops and shirts in fine fabrics, or with cute and super feminine dresses, for a casual or chic look or both, always suitable for over 40 women.

red shoes and black biker jacket

Among the top trending shoes and sandals, strings, laces, buckles and thin straps predominate, following the minimal style that shifts the attention to well-groomed feet and lacquered nails. But there are also bows and floral decorations for the more romantic girls and padded or woven bands for the more creative ones.

From slippers to heels the step is short: this spring there are those designed for the diehards who want to stand out even inside home and those for the occasions to come, ranging from thin shapes to platforms. Solutions that lend itself to many interpretations for daytime looks too, including vintage moods with flared trousers and wide skirts.


Have you found your favourite style? Have fun dear readers and stay tuned!

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Shoes and sandals for spring

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