Second-hand clothes to focus on for a stunning look

Second-hand clothes are good for the planet and good for the mood. Dressing on a tight budget while spending little or next to nothing, especially when prices and taxes continue to rise, brings incredible joy. But we should all know what to buy and not choose at random just for the small price that seduces us by glistening from the PC monitor. For this reason, I’ll share with you a casual and chic look, made up of versatile garments you can use to create many other outfits. They are so easy to wear and at the same time unique, ideal for women over 40 and over 50. They can elevate denim pants and make us look like the sustainable fashionista who takes care of her beauty and also the health of the environment.

Second-hand clothes to wear like a pro

The first item on the fashion list is the Chanel style jacket I told you about in the previous post. It’s a staple in my closet, it’s so versatile and ideal for formal and casual looks. For the benefit of every fashionista – and I speak from experience – there are many deals to do, ranging from the most popular shades of pink and blue to the brightest colours because this garment has often been produced by many brands in many past seasons.

The white silk or viscose blouse is a must-have in any wardrobe. Search for it new with or without a tag. For this type of article, there are many occasions linked to wrong purchases or unwanted gifts. You should look carefully at the photographs of the garment you are about to purchase and ask the seller questions about the actual size and fit and any other doubts that come to mind.

Quality branded jeans, in the price range between 10 and 30 euros, in excellent condition or even new with a tag. If you’ve never done it before, try the boyfriend style, a type of jeans that stays soft on the thighs and goes straight down, choose trousers with a few tears that contrast the elegance of the silk shirt and Chanel-style jacket.

Second-hand accessories

Slingback shoes with kitten heels or thin heels under 6 centimetres. They are elegant and graceful, also suitable for the office look when the days get warmer. Online there are opportunities for all tastes, in classic colours for those who love classic style and tradition, with jewel decorations for the most daring personalities, but always at low prices. This is truly amazing! And I love it! Shoes that have only been worn once are now available on the market at bargain prices! Maybe because we women tend to fall madly in love with shoes and we always need to buy new ones just for a special occasion. Which are back in circulation on pre-loved sites, at special prices. To be perfect in our looks with second-hand garments, whether they are elegant skirts or jeans, always giving personality and elegance.

It’s time to dare with the bag of your dreams and take a whim, the jewel-decorated type or the mini bag that can hold your mobile phone at the most, or the small shoulder strap bag with the metal chain, or the crescent-shaped shoulder bag. And it’s so perfect with your whole look! Like the icing on the cake! As for bags, the choice is beyond incredible. Small bags, precisely because they are not at the top in terms of capacity, are destined to be in vogue at the moment of falling in love. And we are ready to take the opportunity online, to bring them to our wardrobe to enhance the spring outfits.

Now that you have reached the end of the post, I can tell you how much I spent to buy the clothes I’m wearing in these photos, the Chanel style jacket, the viscose shirt, the sandals: exactly 34 euros, but considering that I had sold some clothes and earned some money using the same platform, I basically only paid the shipping costs. Don’t tell me I haven’t piqued your curiosity! If you want to deepen the subject, I’ll remind you of my book – The Sustainable Fashionista – on conscious fashion strategies where you can find some tips to create new looks with the items in your wardrobe and those that can be purchased on second-hand fashion websites. At this link, you will find the book, in print and digital versions.

See you soon, dear readers!

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