Sandals… with or without heels?

Do you like today’s topic, my dear readers? I cant’ wait for speaking about it! The sandals! How much I love them! Sandals with high heels! I adore you even more! I dream of you! Even if that short screw I have in my left foot prevents me from wearing sandals with heels exceeding 5 or 7 cm. Sometimes, when I’m in good health, I wear my special, shiny golden sandals, with 7 cm heels, from which sparkling champagne-colored stones send light reflections to my heart. What do I have to bear for some moments of glory! However, the mood gets better, I know that “beauty is pain” as my mother often says. But during these years I’ve found that sometimes it’s also possible to wear heels and feel comfortable. Another saying goes “sharpen your intellect with your problems” and if you want to discover my tips on the matter keep on staying tuned, put a pair of slippers (only for this occasions), sit down to listen to my precious tips.

And I start from them, immortalized by me in the cover image of this post. Sandals with medium block heels, flared heels, perfect for those who have to spend hours away from home. If you are looking for a comfortable but stylish solution, opt for this kind of sandals. The block heel is the one that  widens towards the bottom. Go for it on condition that it is proportionate and not excessively large.


In the evening, however, thinner heels are always better. Elegant and more refined, they add class and style even to denim trousers and casual items. If you can not stand them for more than 10 minutes, then choose shorter sizes, those that give elegance and charm to your outfit. The kitten heel, so vaguely retro, will become your ally. Since you wear it you will not be able to do without it. And it is also very on fashion this Summer!


tracolla pitone

I adore flat sandals, with a few but special decorations, those that frame the foot as if it were a unique object. They enhance the fingers, the coloured polished nails paired with the colour’s outfit. This type of sandals is certainly suitable for those without height problems. Perfect with skirts and long dresses, when they emerge under the hem, with those play of lights that can not go unnoticed.


Last but not least, platform wedges, of which I’m not a fan. I feel compelled to say, however, something on the matter, after seeing some horrors walking in downtown, last Sunday. It’s true that wedges help elongate the figure, but they are also huge, and they contribute to emphasize short proportions of minute women. So, if you really are in love with these kind of sandals, choose medium size wedges, better if thinner on the sides.

This year fashion has proposed colourful sandals, in pastel shades and in all the types of bright red and orange. I like to pair them with total white or total black looks, basic outfits, jeans and knee length skirts, just to add some freshness and fun to boring and expected outfits. And on the catwalks, designers have sent also metallic and jewelled sandals, embellished heels, suitable for sparkling and special evenings. Follow your wish, just pay attention to the shape of the heels.

I leave you with a picture of “a few” years ago, when my passion for sandals with flowers on the instep began to take shape. 47 years have gone by since then. And my inclination still goes on! Happy weekend, my friends!


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