Sandals and open shoes

Sandals, open shoes, slippers! For our feet when the Summer comes! To let them breathe the air of freedom. But also without forgetting class and elegance. Because the over 40 woman leaves nothing to chance and chooses footwear for her gorgeous outfits.

Coloured, with precious beads, with wedges and high heels or super flat. The sandals are really unique accessories, able to embellish even the most anonymous outfit.

On this page, sandals and slippers are the protagonists of the Summer and you will find some suggestions chosen by Yourstyleover40 for your outfits. Enjoy the reading!

Travel sandals outfit ideas to be chic and stylish

travel sandal outfit ideas for chic looks
travel sandal outfit ideas for stylish looks

How many times, when I was a young girl, I smiled while looking at a foreign tourist strolling through museums and wearing chunky travel sandals! And to my horror, at worst when they were paired with white ankle socks! A slipper with an orthopaedic sole does not go along with beauty and elegance. Even if today’s fashion catwalks show them off with the trendiest and most colourful outfits. This summer, I have changed my mind on the subject, partly out of necessity dictated by my sore feet, partly to adapt myself to this new summer trend. So, I started looking for the most suitable model for us women over 40 and over 50 who want to be fashionistas even when we wear comfortable and wide shoes. On this blog page, you can find my tips for wearing travel sandals without slipping on style! Travel sandals outfit ideas to be chic and stylish.

Cool summer sandals and how to match them to be wow!

cool summer sandals

I could call myself sandal addicted more than fashion addicted, because I cannot resist the charm of sandals. High or flat, for the day or the night. The image of the lacquered nails that stand out among thin coloured stripes, the shimmering stones that frame the feet. Sandals can change the look and transform it from banal to special, when they stand out for the shape of the heel, the decorations that highlight the tanned feet. On the blog, at the page dedicated to cool summer sandals, today I’m talking about sandals, those on which it is worth investing, to wear many other beautiful seasons to come. Enjoy the reading my dear readers!

Beach holiday outfits with the swimsuit, at the beach and beyond

donna al mare con cappello in paglia
beach holiday outfits

The holiday look at the sea especially packs flat sandals, flip flops and slippers for days dedicated to sunbathing and excursions. But also special heels for the evenings in good company, cocktails at sunset, walk through the picturesque streets of some beautiful locations.

Discover the right combinations for the look of your beach holidays and how to match the ideal footwear for every different occasion.

Flat sandals and middle heels to rock this summer

flat sandals pinterest
flat sandals

How have you survived to the heat of these days? We went from mild to typically summer temperatures! Torrid heat, scorching sun, in short, a combination of elements that brings us straight to the beach, looking for a light sea breeze! For those who have to stay in the city, at work, a nice pair of flat sandals is a must. But without giving up being fashion. At least during the summer, when we take better care of our feet. What could be better than wearing a pair of sandals to highlight the freshly lacquered nails! On the blog, I just published the post dedicated to flat and tremendously fashion sandals!

The summer must haves and the sandals you must not miss!

summer must haves
summer must haves

Whenever a new wave of fresh and cheerful fashion trend arrives I am always tempted to browse, attracted by those garments and accessories that we will wear more and more often in the future. Who calls them must haves, who evergreen, who defines them as essentials. Certainly in common they have a simple and classic elegance, able to outlive every gust of wind. This year, in particular, summer fashion seems to have noticed this habit, which is common to many women over 40 and over 50. And clothing and accessories are many and interesting, including swuimsuits, sandals, shorts, dresses suitable for many different body types. Discover them with me, on the blog at the page dedicated to the summer must haves!

Fashion jelly sandals for your special looks

sandali di gomma glitterati
jelly sandals for a trendy summer

Jelly sandals and fashion slippers for a trendy Summer at the sea! Pretty decorations for your feet that add some freshness and glam to your look. And what about a gorgeous bag to pair with your special footwear! Amazing, to be always at the top without spending too much money. And let me say that these beautiful accessories can be worn for the grocery shopping to be elegant and unique also at the supermarket.

Do you want to know more on this subject? Click on the link to go to the page dedicated to fashion jelly sandals. Discover my new tips and post and choose the items you like most!

The fashion shoes that will make you lose your mind

fashion shoes
fashion shoes and sandals

Today it’s raining, as it has often happened in this strange month of May, but the desire for a gorgeous Spring still resists, especially when it comes to shoes and sandals. You would like to wear them immediately, with a nice colourful dress. And this year there are some rather bizarre and curious footwear. Some look like real works of art, with those sculptural heels, unique, though, even in the price. Only to be admired, for those who don’t have a big budget. Fortunately, among the many brands’ products, there are also sandals and shoes best suited to our lifestyle. On the blog, at the dedicated page, you will find both Spring/Summer 2019 fashion shoes that walked on the catwalk, and my selection that I’ve chosen thinking of the over 40 woman, for her elegant and casual occasions. Follow me, then, to discover the fashion shoes that will make you lose your mind!

What you shouldn’t miss out on Summer sales

Summer sales
summer sales

… For those who have not noticed, which I doubt strongly, summer sales have just begun! And I think it is right to speak about this argument, to give you some tips and turn this occasion into a real opportunity, avoid the mistakes that sometimes drive you to buy unnecessary items, just because they are cheap. So, what to buy on Summer sales? The must have items and the garments you will wear next year, sandals included, those that endure this year trends and fashion.

The wishlist you will find at the dedicated page of the blog has been thought for the the woman over 40, who looks for elegant and stylish items on Summer sales.


Sandals… with or without heels?

Flared heel sandals
Flared heel sandals

Do you like today’s topic, my dear readers? I cant’ wait for speaking about it! The sandals! How much I love them! Sandals with high heels! I adore you even more! I dream of you! Even if that short screw I have in my left foot prevents me from wearing sandals with heels exceeding 5, 7 cm. Sometimes, when I’m in good health, I wear my special, shiny golden sandals, with 7 cm heels, from which sparkling champagne-colored stones send light reflections to my heart. What do I have to bear for some moments of glory! However, the mood gets better, I know that “beauty is pain” as my mother often says. But during these years I’ve found that sometimes it’s also possible to wear heels and feel comfortable. Another saying goes “sharpen your intellect with your problems” and if you want to discover my tips about the sandals, just go on reanding!

Middle heels

middle heels
Middle heels

I like heels but I cannot wear them for more than an hour. Middle heel sandals area the perfect solution between elegance and comfort. Pay attention to the shape of the heel if you don’t want to be confused with an old and out of fashion lady. Kitten heels, or large and squared heels, coloured or glittered, can transform your look and make even the most washed out pair of jeans look wonderful and cute. …

Keep on reading at the dedicated page, the one about the middle heels.


The footwear everyone will wear this Spring

Spring footwear trends
Spring footwear trends

The week has been bad at work… difficulties in arguing with colleagues who always think they are right. So… let them believe it and as for me and you, my dear readers … well let’s dive into the fantastic world of footwear! I really need to unplug and what’s is more suitable than some nice images of coloured sandals, Forget me not shoes, I need you over everything else ankle boots! …

From February fashion shows I noticed some footwear really suitable for women over 40ies and I’m looking forward to showing them to you, my dear Cinderellas! And to give you my advice on how to find the right shoes for your feet and ankles. More info at the dedicated page of the blog, the one about the footwear.



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