Romantic style after 40

stile romantico con abito a fiori

With autumn approaching, we are more inclined to romantic style. Maybe for the landscapes that surround us with the warmest colours of nature, or for the sky that is often covered with pink clouds at sunset, clearly the romantic style can be perceived from every corner. 

Fashion and beauty interpret it in many ways, from lovely pink lipsticks and eye shadows, hairstyles with soft waves, light and precious fabrics, including silk, viscose, organza and chiffon. And what about prints and patterns? Flowers first of all, followed by lace, bows and drapes, but also by pearls and buttons. Dresses tend to highlight female shapes and waist, skirts are wide and dance in the wind. A perfect set, in short, that seems to come from the brush of Renoir.


illuminating blush (animal cruelty free makeup), 16 pounds on The Body Shop website
illuminating blush (animal cruelty free makeup), 16 pounds on The Body Shop website

How to wear the romantic style when you are over 40?

How to avoid falling into the common mistake of a too much romantic style outfit? Remember that total looks risk to be excessive for over 40 women, thus you had better restrain your passion with neutral and basic clothes, especially when we speak about daily looks and workwear. Denim, classic neutral colours – white, black, beige – can be used in the upper or lower part of the body to balance the prints and the colours of romantic garments. Which means that if you want to wear a lace or a flower top you could add a skirt in denim fabric or in one of the above mentioned colours; if you prefer floral trousers, the best choice to complete your look would fall on the simple white T-shirt.

abito pepe jeans london

Romantic style with the floral dress

The waist squeezed dress with the pleated skirt is really elegant and perfect for special occasions, from ceremonies to the romantic date. Knee length garments meet elegance and dress code, plain colour accessories paired with the floral print of the dress make the final result precious and unique. Can you imagine yourself in such a feminine style?

Romantic style with the floral top

A beautiful floral or lace shirt can change the casual look and make it more interesting. And it can be used for different occasions, from work to leisure time and informal evenings. The eyelet or macramé lace blouse can elevate your denim outfits, a Chantilly lace garment is extremely refined and suitable for more elegant looks.

floral print blouse 15,75 Euros (it was 34,99 Euros), on La Redoute Fr website
floral print blouse 15,75 Euros (it was 34,99 Euros), on La Redoute Fr website

Romantic style with the floral skirt

Choose the skirt that flatters your beautiful shapes, go for the pencil style if you have a slender body, for the pleated skirt if you have a pear or an hourglass physique. Add a solid colour blouse or a striped shirt, do not forget your heeled shoes for a perfect romantic look.

floral skirt 15 Euros (it was 49,99 Euros), on La Redoute Fr website
floral skirt 15 Euros (it was 49,99 Euros), on La Redoute Fr website

Romantic hairstyles

Waves have the advantage of refining sharp-featured faces and are also suitable for over 40 ladies. The oval face is perfect with every cut and style of hair, so, if this is your case, you just need to follow your preferences. The square face, on the other hand, needs some height in the top to appear more rectangular in the shape. In addition, haircuts below the jaw and chin, with layers and soft waves are really perfect for her. The round face should avoid curly styles and go for apparently untidy and wavy tufts that caress and smooth the chubby cheeks, or opt for layered styles angles outward to make the face appear longer.

  • round face hairstyle, on Pinterest
    round face hairstyle, on Pinterest

Romantic style accessories

Think of a total black look with pink accessories, from makeup to shoes and to the bag. Really refined and stylish! Or imagine it enriched and softened with bows and flowers sprouting from shoes, with a clutch bag and a silk scarf. Really beautiful, very chic for the woman who is over 40 and never gives up style, stands out without shouting her personality!

Have a nice day, dear readers! See you soon!

Prada minimal baroque sunnies, 242 Euros on website
Prada minimal baroque sunnies, 242 Euros on website
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