Rainy day outfits to look chic and gorgeous


The sun that shines in the sky seems to make fun of the rhythm of the seasons, distorting the autumn schedule. But, then, on stage comes the first gloomy day to be faced with the most stylish rainy day outfits. Maybe, we would like to stay at home in slippers, in front of the fireplace, with eyes focused on the page of an engaging novel. But that endless list of commitments kicks us out of the door, between puddles and mist to crimp the hair and our plans. So, leaving home with the right rainy day outfits takes on another meaning. Full of positive energy to find the smile and the good vibes that illuminate us like a lighthouse in the leaden sky!

Some garments are not afraid of rain or humidity, which is the reason why they should be considered must-haves for the middle seasons. Let’s discover how to style them for those days that won’t stop our fashion show!

The trench coat

The name is already heartening. It anticipates our feeling of certainty that preserves our outfit. And then it’s a classic garment that completes formal looks. Do you remember an incredible Humphrey Bogart, wearing a trench coat in the iconic scene of the kiss in the rain, in the movie Casablanca? A more modern style of this type of raincoat, accompanied by a pair of jeans, can change the fate of casual styles. Worn with rainy day dresses, I like it so much in the following ways. The longer coat, combined with trousers and shoes with soles that do not fear water, and the shorter one under which a skirt peeps out below the knee, combined with a nice pair of boots. Which one would you like to leave the house in?

Faux leather pants

I love them for many reasons, but mostly because they make the water slide away and, with it, our fears of ruining the look in the rain. For the office, match them with blazers and sneakers. For your leisure time, if you like rock style, add, instead, motorbike boots and a nice sweater mini dress.

The motorbike jacket

It never gets out of fashion, on the contrary, the more the years go by and the more its charm increases. Wear it with anything, on the classic little black dress, or with the sweater midi dress, or with a gorgeous skirt. On rainy days, add boots to these pieces of clothing for a romantic and refined rock look.

Speaking of rainy day outfits, the umbrella should never be missing from the bag. In a neutral or fantasy colour, as long as it is in harmony with everything else! Have a nice evening, dear readers!

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