Quick tricks and tips to look taller

sembrare più alta

Today’s topic is for those who are petite or would like to look taller without being forced to walk on high heels from dawn to dusk. Some hacks can help, are easy to make and bring an amazing visual effect that deceives the eye of those who look at us.

look taller

I will start from the simplest rule, to brush up on the topic that maybe all of us already know and that leads to choosing dark colours that slender the figure, while the light ones tend to widen. For this reason, a classic little black dress should be part of our wardrobe. And If we choose it in a close-fitting or lightweight model that slides well on the body without creating volumes, the effect will be even more surprising. But we should remember, however, that the look is not complete without something that gives light to the face, like a shiny necklace or a scarf, above all if black is not among our best colours.

look taller

Other details could make the difference: tick them up in your notebook among the things to remember.

Strategic tips to look taller

  • Monochrome look
  • Dresses that tighten at the waist
  • Shoes in the same colour as the pants
  • Shoes and tights in a nude colour to wear with skirts
  • Dresses proportioned to your figure: better short or above the knee if you are petite
  • High waist skirts and pants
  • Shirts and blouses with V-neck
  • Long necklaces
  • Garments with vertical stripes
  • Décolleté shoes in the same colour as your skin tone
  • Point toe shoes and shoes without ankle strap

how to look taller

Typically, to look taller, you should avoid clothing that interrupts vertical lines, such as pants and knee-length skirts that break the continuity of the legs. In this case, shoes in the same colour as your skin tone can help.

Have a good day, dear readers!

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