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Party outfits for every special occasion in winter

Party outfits should never miss in your closet. Even if you like spending time on the sofa and near the fireplace during the long and cold winter days. But when the special occasion arrives you must not be totally unprepared! Whether a dinner with friends or with your sweetheart, do you really want to remind everyone that at your age it is better to stay at home watching television? And what a bore! With always the same irritating programmes!

Let’s get a look to the party outfits I have chosen for you!

Have you already thought about the Christmas outfit?

Christmas outfit
Christmas outfit

There are very few days to the most beautiful time of the year and maybe you have not yet thought of the Christmas outfit, taken from a thousand commitments, focused on the Christmas Eve dinner and the lunch on December 25. And I already know that your outift will be at the end of the list of the things to do. Here I am, then, to suggest my Christmas outfits, sustainable, to be made with the clothing of your wardrobe, ready to make you shine with elegance. All the info are on the page dedicated to the Christmas outfit. Enjoy the reading the and… Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!



I have selected for you some posts I wrote on party outfits. Maybe you will find some interesting ideas to get up from that sofa! Enjoy the reading!

The party looks to keep you warm in style

party looks
party looks

Do you remember when, at the age of 20, you used to go out to dance, wearing only one of your beautiful party looks, with lightweight clothes and sparkling accessories, despite the polar temperatures? A short and fitted coat was the extra item to get rid of as soon as you reached the coatroom, just before crossing the magic dancing floor. But now, party looks in Winter wouldn’t even cross your mind, and those special dresses are lying buried under a thousand sweaters, in your closet, because you are waiting to wear them again in mid-August. My dear readers, please don’t surrender to the cold! There are some strategies we should speak about, follow me! … Discover the best party looks for this Winter, at the dedicated page.


The little black dress

little black dress
The little black dress

I’m writing in favour of the little black dress, a dress in a colour that does not match my complexion at all. But I must do it, it’s true! Everyone should have a little black dress in the closet. Even a spring type like me providing that I adopt some tricks … but I’ll tell you later, some lines further. Well … I was saying that it is compulsory to have at least a black dress in the closet and I do not mean that it can be useful for some religious functions (hopefully not) but in certain situations you cannot do without it. Keep on reading at the dedicated page to the little black dress.


The new year’s eve outfit, to start 2018 in the best way

abito bianco
New Year’s eve outfit

What you do the first hour of the New Year will be what you do most of the year. My dear and beautiful readers, I’m not wishing you the worst and between these lines, you should find my good wish to find the perfect New year’s eve outfit, the one that will lead you in 2018 with style and elegance. I’ve just started wandering, following dreams and memories going so fast that I cannot keep pace with them.

Keep on reading at the dedicated page to the new year’s eve outfit..



Christmas outfit. It’s time to think about it!

gonna ruota fantasia
Christmas outfit

“Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way!” How lovely is this melody coming from my daughter’s flute! And outside, in downtown, there’s a beautiful ice skating rink in the large square under the trees, near Santa Klaus house, a great tree, the nativity scene… which means that…. I’ve not yet thought about my Christmas outfit!!!! Well, this is not my only concern. I’ll prepare Christmas eve dinner and among the guests there’s a vegan too! So… don’t be so disapproving with me, I’ve not only shoes and dresses in my thoughts! Now, in this peaceful corner of the blog I want to take care of outfits only and because of the jingle bells that are very loud today, I think I’ll speak about … my Christmas outfit! Keep on reading at the dedicated page to the Christmas outfit.



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