Over 40 style, class, elegance and personality

Can we talk about over 40 style? Of course, when we refer to a more personal style, perhaps less showy, where the details, however, make the difference and announce the personality of the wearer.

And it has nothing to do with age. Indeed, perhaps it is precisely an ageless style, which ironically comes when we get older. After becoming aware of our body, having learned to dress with the idea of ​​enhancing our shapes, rather than hiding our flaws.

Over 40 style is how to follow the trends suggested by fashion, taking what makes us feel good and beautiful, declining every dress according to the occasion, always adding some accessories or details that we keep in our hearts. But it is also an effort to make the best choices for us and for the planet we live on.


In this page, you will find links to my posts dedicated to the over 40 style, where you can get ideas for interpreting the clothing you love most and new ideas that may be useful for your next purchases.

Yourstyleover40 is divided into sections that refers to the 4 season clothing, each of which is divided into parts dedicated to day and evening outfits, outerwear and accessories, bags and shoes. There are also separated sections dedicated to beauty, style and shopping tips.

Enjoy the reading!

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