The new year’s eve outfit, to start 2018 in the best way

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What you do the first hour of the New Year will be what you do most of the year. My dear and beautiful readers, I’m not wishing you the worst and between these lines, you should find my good wish to find the perfect New year’s eve outfit, the one that will lead you in 2018 with style and elegance. I’ve just started wandering, following dreams and memories going so fast that I cannot keep pace with them. I can figure my first New year’s eve party, in a black knee-length dress with a large white collar and crystal beads at the wrist. It was a dress copied from the fashion designer Krizia and sewed by my aunt Berta. And there’s also the party when I had an enormous belly because I was expecting  my firstborn Tommy. I was wearing a long woollen dress and with a pair of tennis shoes due to my swollen feet. But I cannot figure what I will wear this year and I really want to release me from the disappointment caused by the fact that I was wearing a pair of large and comfortable trousers, few weeks before entering hospital to undergo another knee surgery.

So, don’t waste time and let’s start the dance! With a lot of ….. not sparkling outfits!!! Did I disappoint you? What were you expecting from me? The great gran galà dress? My dear and faithful readers! It’s true that the mood must be at the top, but the party location is quite earthy, in my situation, and maybe in yours too. I don’t know yet where it will be, at home, at a restaurant. But anywhere it will be, I have some new year’s eve outfits for you, which are elegant and stylish to change you into the queen of the night!… Ok ok… I’m still wandering… so I need to stop it, but thoughts come so easily and I really enjoy writing. So, be ready for the outfits coming directly from the catwalk I’ve chosen for you!


The little black dress – The New year’s eve outfit in black

The little black dress is the dress that saves you in many occasions, above all when you think you have nothing to wear. But you already wore it last year and you’ll spend the New year’s eve with your friends that are fashion addicted and take care to any of your outfits. So, if you want to live up to their expectations, refresh the little black dress with some accessories. You can go for a silk shawl with long fringes, a thin belt – gold or silver colour –  short socks in lamè that peak out from the shoes. And, above all, heels. Choose what you like, stiletto heels, pumps or ankle boots if you decide to wear the sparkling short socks. This outfit is perfect for lean column and hourglass body shapes. “Ok Simonetta! Thank you for advice… but the majority of us have a large waist… what can we do with a little black dress? It’s too small for us!” Ok, ok, don’t panic and keep calm! Go for a different style, A-shaped dress or empire style dress. And forget the thin belt but go, instead, for a long necklace with crystal beads.

The white dress – The New year’s eve outfit in white

Why not! A white dress! Let’s stop the trend of the black outfit at New year’s eve party and go for the white and stay tuned to this winter colours trend! “But the white dress makes you see like a bride! So, what can we do?” You are right, as always, a total white dress is generally for the bride and to avoid misinterpretation go for mix and math attitude, which means that you can wear a black tight fitting cardigan, heeled shoes and a coloured crystal beads necklace. If you are curvy go for a long cardigan in soft and thin fabric, instead of the little cardigan.

The slip dress – The New year’s eve outfit in grey

I really like the slip dress. But I never wear it. Now it’s time to take it out of the closet and wear it. It’s perfect for this occasion, the silk or satin fabric is right, it sparkles as this night should do. But if you do not want to shiver add a long woollen cardigan in the same shade of the dress colour. This style is right also for those with apple body shape, provided that they go for a bias cut dress that hangs well and don’t cling or hug the figure.

The sparkling jumper outfit – The New Year’s eve outfit for those who love trousers

Maybe, in your closet, there’s a sparkling sweater that you have not yet worn. But now you have the right occasion for wearing it. And if you cannot stay without wearing a pair of trousers, this outfit is certainly for you. You must add only some jewels in the colours that contrast with the jumper. But remember that if you have a hourglass or pear shape, you should go for trousers without details on the bottom and that have a side zip.

The long summer dress – The New year’s eve outfit in a long dress

It’s time to take it out of the closet. I’m not joking! The thin fabric is perfect for special occasions. You can wear it with a woollen or cashmere cardigan. Those who do not fear low temperature can use, instead, a silk and woollen fringed shawl. I really like this outfit and I could wear it with rhinestone studded combat boots. However, be careful: I must admit that this pair of shoes is not the classic solution for an evening party, so wear it only if you are tall and very elegant, otherwise go for a pair of high heel sandals with short socks in the same shade of your dress. This is the New year’s eve outfit for lean column body shapes.

Now, do you still have doubts on your New year’s eve outfit? Let me know! See you soon!


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