My interview by the American magazine SheSpark

Dear friends I’m so happy today! I’ve just been featured by the magazine in their column “3 To Follow”. It’s such an important goal for me! The post speaks about my style and my blog, and focuses on my “comfortably chic approach to daily wear”, my philosophy based on effortless elegance, mixing styles to create balanced looks. They could not find better words to describe me and my blog!

So, todays’ post is not mine, is by SheSpark magazine:


3 To Follow: A FocusTV Host, An Ageless Italian, A Polish Designer (All Social Media Stars)

WHO: Simonetta Bonetti

FROM: Rimini, Italy

FOLLOW: InstagramWeb sitePinterestFacebookTwitter

Happy birthday to Italian fashionista Simonetta Bonetti, who celebrated her 52nd birthday this month! What you’ll love about Simonetta and her “Your Style Over 40” theme is her comfortably chic approach to daily wear– from running shoes to sequin skirts, she’s got her pulse on what flatters for any occasion. True to her Italian sensibilities, she embraces colorful prints and textures, which many women feel is difficult to integrate into daily wear. In that case, you can shop her looks for an easy fashion boost. Plus, her web site is in English *and* Italian so you can practice the language before your next trip to Italy!

Simonetta explains why she started an #OOTD Instagram feed: “The first approach to IG was to driving traffic to my blog, but as soon as I became more confident with taking pictures I realized that I could use IG to post my daily fashion tips and inspiration for over-40 women. Every picture reflects my personality and my philosophy based on effortless elegance, mixing styles to create balanced looks.”

Simonetta’s go-to outfit? “I like wearing knee-length dresses, so practical and elegant, I usually pair them with special necklaces and embellished sandals that make the whole look stand out. As the days become cooler I also go for dark blue jeans, which I wear with very feminine and refined items like the silk top and coloured scarves… On special occasions I usually choose the long dress, which I spice up with one of my favourites, the biker jacket.”

Thank you very much SheSpark magazine! Thank you very much Thea Wood too! And thank you all, my dear readers, who follow and encourage me every day!

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