Mix and match looks and tips for over 40 women

mix and match con chiodo nero e abito elegante rosso

Mix and match contrasting styles is a fantastic way to refresh those garments that our mothers would horrify at the thought of seeing them paired in a single look. But today this is possible. We can adapt fashion trends in a single mix, clothes and accessories to our needs, precious and cheap clothes to best express our personality.

mix and match elegant trousers and moto jacket

Are there any rules to create mix and match looks? What are the best guidelines for over 40 and over 50 women who look for a gorgeous and balanced look at the same time?

The mix and match style invites us to get, in our wardrobe, basic and simple garments that can be paired with more eccentric pieces, those that best represent the different styles of dressing and that capture our attention. Apart from the many ways of interpreting it I think it’s better to start with dressing the top garment in the upper or lower part of the body and complete the look with the basic one in the other part. Just to cite an example, among basic and timeless garments the denim trousers are just perfect for many combos. With the organza shirt in a floral fantasy, so romantic, in a pink shade that goes well with denim.


Must haves are very helpful to create mix and match looks, they are the pieces on which it is really worth investing. The white blouse, the pencil or the A-shaped skirt, the blue and the black denim trousers, just to name a few. They are definitely the garments that will help you in creating a look that is never too much and that can be worn in different occasions. Another important element is the colour. Neutral shades resist any fashion trend and work well with statement garments. Black, white, beige, blue and red, these are the basic and neutral colours that will allow you to create many outfits.


Now that you know where to start from to create a mix and match look, follow your personal style and tastes. Go for the animal print shirt for a decidedly strong look, the biker jacket and the combat boots for a rock accent, a pair of trousers in an elegant fabric, the oversized blazer which comes from the male wardobe. For those who are already familiar with mix and match outfits, the next step is the combination of eccentric items, exluding the neutral piece. Among my favourite combos there are the romantic clothes with male style pieces, the elegant items with the casual ones, where the combinations generally share a single common element, the same colour family.

chiodo nero e abito rosso

My favourite mix and match combinations

  • tulle skirt, biker jacket, combat boots;
  • trouser suit, graphic or white T-shirt, colored sneakers;
  • oversized long blazer, mini skirt, cuissard boots;
  • animal print top and solid color tulle skirt in one of the colours of the animal print, combat boots;
  • white oversized shirt to be worn unbuttoned on the slip dress, tennis shoes.

Have fun dear readers!


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