Merry Christmas from Yourstyleover40


Merry Christmas from Yourstyleover40, my dear readers! You really deserve my best wishes! I guess you are so busy with thousands of preparations or presents you still have to buy. But I’d like to manage to get some time from you and listen to my special wish for a rich Christmas full of real surprises, those that make you smile from inside and are able to rub your worries out. It could be the thought by your kids, or by your husband, or by a friend, anyway the act that can stop the rhythm of schedule. It’s the one that counts most and maybe it takes a magic Christmas to understand those real values.

Merry Christmas, see you soon! Remember to reserve a present for you too, a gesture of love only for you, when you choose an outfit, not anything you pick randomly out from the closet, but the outfit that makes you smile and represents your joy of life!

And keep on reading my blog’s posts and pages!

Merry Christmas from Yourstyleover40 and from Simonetta



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