Makeup tips for 40 years old

I could not choose a better day than this to talk about makeup products, just before the New Year’s eve party, so to prevent you from covering your face with glittering items and with other strange devilry – I know that among you there’s someone who is already exclaiming “It’s New Year’s eve, Simonetta! Let’s makeup with something special!” – I thought to anticipate these intentions. I don’t want to feel guilty for not having rebuked on the matter, reason why I invite you to read again the page of my blog I dedicated to the face and how it changes, where you’ll find beauty tips about lipsticks and eye shadows that are more suitable for women over 40ies. And I also would like to remind you of the page dedicated to your colour palette, which is suitable to go into deep in this topic too.

Did I disappoint you? Do you really want to break rules for New Year’s eve party and free your personality? My beautiful girls … less is more, someone said … Not a philosopher, but someone who definitely thought of good taste. I will be unpopular but forget icy and frosted eye shadows, glossy lipsticks and coloured mascaras! These products are no longer right for you, they emphasize what we would like to get rid of, wrinkles, eye bags, blemishes and so on.

“But Simonetta! … smokey eyes !!!! At least for that evening! Could you give us some advice? “Okay … I’ll be good … I’m still in the mood of good intentions … Christmas has just gone by, but be very careful. The smokey eyes for women over 40ies must be light, the eyeshadow must be blended well, my beautiful girls. And you must avoid too dark and purple shadows.

If you want to know how to realize smokey eyes you can get a look at this article from the Huffington Post.

Happy New Year!




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