Living Coral, how to wear the colour of the year

rosa corallo il colore 2019 living coral the colour of the yar

Living Coral … get ready for the colour of the year, dear readers! Pantone, the American Institute specialized in the cataloguing and definition of colours, announced the Living Coral as the colour of the year, a bright colour that inspires joy from the first sight. It is vibrant and warm, very close to the coral orange, a colour, in short, alive and cheerful, which also wants to be a hymn to life and to the protection of nature and sea life. So many reasons, therefore, to welcome the Living Coral. From the next days we will see this colour in the shop windows of downtown and together with it all the shades that tend more to orange or pink.

As for me, I really like the Living Coral. It’s perfect for Spring women like me, it brightens the complexion, accentuates the colour of the eyes. Why not have a look at the Winter sales and find special bargains in this colour’s shades, those clothes we will keep on wearing until it is time to go to the beach! And this advice is valid for all types of women, not just for blondes, so follow my next tips for you all!

Living Coral for the bold woman: the blazer, the shirt or the top

Are you fed up with usual black and white looks? Do you need some colour to brighten up the monotonous work uniform? Well, nothing better than looking for a red blazer, in a vibrant colour that tends to the Living Coral, so perfect for the Spring women. If you are, instead, a Winter type and therefore your complexion stands out better with cool colours, then choose a coral top and wear it under a black blazer or cardigan. If you belong to the Autumn type, orient yourself towards brown or camel colours, while the Summer type can match this colour with aqua green, so fresh, so close to the next season.

Living Coral for the classic woman: the bag, the belt, the scarf

Do you think that this colour is too showy on you? Then focus on accessories. How about a belt that brightens up your dark trousers? Or the shoulder bag that gives some freshness to the classic suit? And then, the scarf, with all the shades of this colour so full of optimism, from pink to orange, from peach to apricot. Perfect, especially for those who have fair skins and are forced to wear dark and sad uniforms to go to the office.

Living Coral for all women

Among the many items on sale, one that I strongly recommend is the floral sweater on a white, black or beige base, a classic for every Winter season, with coloured embroidered pink flowers. To wear in your free time with the classic jeans trousers, to wear on the long tulle dress for a special result, of great class and above all perfect for the Winter evenings with polar temperatures.

How to match the Living Coral

It seems difficult but it is not. This beautiful colour that calls to mind the most beautiful sunsets, goes well with many shades. With the red is perfect and decidedly bold, with the mint green is delicate and super feminine, with the camel colour is very unique and in tune with the current season. If you prefer classic combinations and are afraid of making style mistakes, then orient yourself towards denim, white and black, or neutral colours, always perfect with everything. I love the coral with the animalier, both a small scarf around the neck, and a cigarette skirt, combined with the top in this fantastic colour.


Welcome Living Coral! We all are waiting to wear you!

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