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Lightweight Spring jackets

The Spring is at the door. But the air is still cold and you can not help but cover yourselves. So… which is the best jacket that flatters a beautiful fancy dress? Or an elegant pair of trousers? How many doubts before choosing the right garment, the one that enhances every outfit! Especially in spring, when you start wearing more coloured clothes.

Discover the most trendy jackets for spring, the best for a woman over 40ies, the ones that add a touch of style and personality to your outfits.

Let yourself be guided by my posts dedicated to spring outerwear. Enjoy the reading!


How to wear the biker jacket after 40ies

pink biker jacket
pink biker jacket

I really hope that you do not want to abandon me right after reading the title, my dear and beautiful readers! The biker jacket, the item preferred by motorcyclists, perhaps has never been part of your wardrobe. But there is always a first time and… considering that everything out there speaks about newsness, from the days that get longer, the first flowers that sprout in the gardens, the colorful and inviting shop window, you too could be involved into changing your attitude to be prepared and listen to my new topic. Maybe I could even amaze you with some more feminine and less aggressive jacket’s style, so special to make your look unique. …

Discover my favourite biker jacket outfits, keep on reading at the dedicated page.


How to renew an elegant blazer and create fashion outfits

blazer and sneakers
blazer and sneakers

I must speak about the blazer and the elegant jacket, the one you all have in the closet, often purchased together with the trousers or the skirt in the same fabric, the suit you worn for a work meeting or to go to office, a little bit severe and suffocating for creative personalities. But it takes very little to overturn the situation and renew that garment, simply following some tips, which, from now on, will make the blazer the helpful garment for many unique and classy outfits. …

I decided to share with you some outfits where blazers and jackets are absolute protagonists and add value to the whole looks; keep on reading at the dedicated page.


When the days become colder

cape and accessories
cape and accessories

… I’m only looking forward to wearing my beautiful cape, which is upstairs, at the second floor, in my warm closet. Finally I wear it. What can I say … it’s perfect, it’s just cool, in these days that it’s a bit cold in the morning and in the evening, but not at lunch time. And it’s so beautiful. In woollen cloth, with arm holes, long fringes that flatter the simplest outfit. Maybe my cape does not interest you at all and you’re almost on the point of leaving this page … but no … I really think you should stay here because it might be useful to know how to wear it to not risk to be mistaken for …

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