Is your capsule wardrobe ready for the beach?

guardaroba capsula

I knew it was going to end this way! To talk about the capsule wardrobe, the one I fear most, the one that gives me the headache just thinking about it. I remember that when I was at school I was often asked by the teacher to tell the story lesson to the classroom. And I also remember one of my best moments, when I graduated in Foreign Languages and Literatures, after a hard work on an interdisciplinary thesis in Modern History. Maybe it is a sort of exorcism against nightmares and fears that drives me to work on the most difficult subjects, a kind of challenge, I can say, between me and the fate to discover that you can love what you fear. And today it’s the turn of the perfect closet! And of the capsule wardrobe! What a hard job for me!

I admit, though, that it always ended well! But today I cannot guarantee anything, my dear readers! Next week I will have to face the capsule wardrobe and this time I do not want to be unprepared. And neither do you! The capsule wardrobe is that amount of clothes that can stand into a small suitcase and therefore it must essentially consist of garments that you can not do without. On the top of this list, the must have items, so versatile that they can be worn for different occasions, those pieces that last over time and which can be paired easily to create new outfits. Which is also the reason why it is good to have them in the closet, buy them in precious fabrics, taking advantage of the sales.

little black dress and foulard

And here is my capsule wardrobe list, planned for a week’s holiday at the beach! It is reduced to the basics, composed of some accessories, so necessary, in my opinion, when it comes to simple and versatile items, to give a touch of personality to the outfits.

The capsule wardrobe for a beach vacation:

  • Two bikini swimsuits, one of which in a plain colour and the other in a matching shade, so that you can substitute the tops and the bottoms to create a new bikini combination.
  • A long blouse in a light fabric, to use as a beach cover-up, or as a kimono in the evening.
  • A black knee-length dress, pencil style for lean column body shapes like me, A-shaped style for those with wider hips and thighs. It is the perfect dress for special and elegant evenings or simply to go to the disco.
  • A white blouse. It’s the must have item that transforms the most casual denim pants, making the outfit more refined.
  • A blazer or a shaped jacket to wear in the evening, with the pants and the blouse or the pants and the tank top.
  • A denim skirt, not too short, at least long up to some inches above the knee. Choose the style that best flatters your shape. It’s perfect for your daytime looks, paired with a t-shirt, if you are about to leave for an excursion. Special and glam for the evening outfits, together with a silk tank top, high-heeled sandals and a sparkling necklace.
  • A pair of denim trousers you should choose according to your shape (more info about how to find the perfect pair of trousers at the dedicated post on the blog). Match it with a t-shirt for daytime looks, with the blouse and the blazer, or with the silk tank top and the blazer, from sunset. Add low or high heel shoes depending on the occasion.
  • A pair of shorts, so comfortable for your day trips. They are also amazing for the evening stroll in downtown, if you wear them with the silk top, the light fabric blouse left unbuttoned (instead of the jacket), a showy necklace, flat sandals. It’s my favourite!


  • 4 t-shirts in neutral colours. For your daytime looks.
  • 2 tank tops in silk or in precious fabrics. White and sand are the best colours for Summer, so go for their best shades according to your complexion. Pay attention to the quality of the fabric, that gives a bit of allure to your looks.
  • A colourful scarf, a must-have accessory that protects from the wind but adds a splash of life to the neutral and basic colours of the clothing items.
  • A long necklace in semiprecious stones and a short necklace in sparkling crystals. The first to wear during the day and in the evening, the second from sunset to dawn.
  • Flat sandals, comfortable even for short excursions, special with denim pants for minimalist looks. Choose them with precious details and your looks won’t be unnoticed!
  • Heel sandals for the evenings.
  • Sneaker shoes for long excursions.
  • A casual bag in neutral colour to hold what you need during your daytime travels.
  • A small bag or a clutch, in black, or silver or gold colour, the neutral shades that are perfect for elegant outfits.

gonna jeans

Now we can leave for the holidays! And if you still have doubts, you know where to find me! Enjoy your holiday!


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