I want to wear a graphic T-shirt despite my age


I grew up with the adventures of Charlie Brown and his dear Snoopy. My friend Nico knows it well … from the school diary with the Peanuts series to the rubber in the shape of the nice beagle which, however, did not erase, from the coats sewed on the denim trousers to the many plush stuffed animals that invaded my desk distracting me from studying. A few days ago those memories came back …I didn’t find any archaeological finds jumping out from my old boxes. It happened that I saw the snout of that cute beagle greeting me from a shop window. I was not standing in front of a pet store. Where could I be if not in front of a clothing or shoe store! And I did not resist. I bought the T-shirt with the print of Snoopy, “for my daughter”; actually, then, I kept it for myself. Do not open your eyes wide, my dear readers and let me explain! After all, a cute little dog can only do good to me and to you too!

“Simo! What happened to you! How could you, at your age, buy a graphic T-shirt! And above all how we can still trust you!” I really believe that most of you are thinking it. And I must admit that they are not totally wrong. But spring fashion trend has introduced the T-shirt again, with maxi writings and branded logos, prints and showy fantasies. So why not find the way to add a bit of vivacity to our monotonous outfits? My dear worried readers, if I have decided to write this post for you it is because I’ve found the magic formula for all of us too, who are over 40  and 50. You have simply to consider more discreet solutions, among which the prints in softer colours that can match the colours of all the outfit’s items, those that have resized and proportioned prints. As for the subjects, avoid the characters of the superheroes and those of the comics; free way instead, for nice animals and floral decorations. Banned the maxi written with the messages to shout to the world. There are already too many means of communications!

Now that you know which graphic T-shirt to buy, you have to learn how to wear such a simple garment. After 40 the T-shirt must be absolutely accessorized, to avoid dress fail. So welcome to long necklaces, coloured bracelets, silk scarves, all items that will make the difference and will honour your outfit. And even if you wear a blazer that cover your arms, choose a T-shirt with short or 3/4 sleeves. Regarding the length of the T-shirt, ça va sans dire, choose long items that cover part of the hips and let the hemline come out from the blazer, if you have a lean column body shape. If you have a pear or an hourglass figure, instead, wear the T-shirt tucked in the pants to prevent the hemline from drawing attention to the largest part of your body. The apple body shape must take care to the choice of the fabric and orientate towards viscous or jersey materials. The T-shirt she should wear becomes longer like a mini dress whose length is some inches above the knee and which can flatter her figure if it is worn with jeggings and high heels. (Further information on the matter at the dedicated page on how to choose the perfect pair of jeans).

And after my pills of wisdom, it is time to discover the outfits I have chosen for you where the T-shirt is the main protagonist.

The graphic T-shirt with jeans and a blazer

This is a casual and versatile look, to be used also for the office, if the place is not too formal. The T-shirt with the print peeks out between the lapels of the jacket and makes the outfit original and cheerful. A beautiful pair of high-heel or kitten heel shoes adds a touch of femininity which is really essential. Regarding the blazer … surely you will already have at least one in your closet, but if you are just about to make a new purchase, orient yourself towards light, slightly shiny and precious fabrics to counteract the simplicity of the jeans and of the T-shirt. And do not forget showy necklaces and the bracelets! Better with semi-precious stones!

The graphic T-shirt with the trouser suit

It’s the perfect match for those who want to break with conventions and rules. Underneath the jacket there is not a simple T-shirt, but that one that best represents your personality. And what about and a pair of precious metallic sneakers sprouting from the elegant trousers! Simply amazing!

The graphic T-shirt with the pencil skirt

Go for the pencil skirt if you have a lean column body shape, otherwise, if you have a small waist and large hips opt for the A-shaped skirt or the bias cut style. Try wearing it with the T-shirt that best represents you and add a silk scarf knotted in the shape of a bow around your neck. And of course add pointed shoes with high or medium heels, like in the following outfit:

Are you ready to change your opinion about the graphic T-shirt? Let me know!


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