I want a coat that flatters my body shape perfectly

Some days ago, I wanted to buy a coat. To tell the truth I was looking for “The Coat” but decided to buy it in the next sales. So I went to the newsagent’s to buy some fashion magazines where I could find some inspiration which it came like an overflowing river, with those  wonderful images of unique coats, from military style with patches and braids, to the ankle length coat and more classic coats but in bright colours. I liked all of them, but I had to find the one that best flattered my body shape. So, while leafing through those magazines I started thinking I could share with you my short guide to the coats right for each body shape. Maybe it could be of some help!

The belted trench

It’s a classic coat with two symmetrical columns of buttons and a waist belt. It’s a good choice for hourglasses body shapes and for those who have a well-defined waist, which is highlighted by the belt.


The A-shaped coat

This coat calls to mind the letter from which the name comes. This shape is perfect for those women who have a round body shape. It gradually widens towards the hem and doesn’t cling the belly.


The single-breasted coat

It’s a classic coat taken from the man’s closet, and it’s generally straight and with a row of buttons in the middle. The single breasted women’s coat is more shaped and enriched with details like showy pockets, brighter colours and particular buttons. It’s also the kind of coat that suits everyone. But beware of some details. Pockets with flaps are more suitable for those who have straight hips, while hidden pockets do not add volume and are more suitable for those who have larger hips.



The double-breasted coat

It’s a classic coat with two parallel rows of buttons. It’s the right garment for columns or triangles, who are generally thinner in the upper part of the body, but it’s also good for women who have not a large breast. The buttons create volume on this part of the body and distract the eye from the lower part.


The cardigan style coat

It’s a wide coat and looks particularly good on round shapes and full hourglasses. It hangs well the body without clinging and can be collarless or with a long shawl collar.

(Photo by Karen Cantú Q on Unsplash)


The egg shaped coat

The shape is that of a egg and is wide around the waist and narrow at the hem. It’s perfect for those who are not curvy and need some volume, like lean columns and inverted triangles.



Some useful tips

This winter fashion trends recommend long coats in bright colours that are sometimes difficult to match with the many clothes of your closet. The long coat is very elegant but it is not for every body shape. It’s perfect for tall women providing that it’s straight and not A-shaped, which makes the figure appear even taller.

Petite women should go for knee-length coats and belted shapes that make the figure look slimmer and taller, on condition that the waist is well defined. Otherwise the single-breasted coat still remains a good choice. Remember that by matching the colours of hemline, tights and shoes you can elongate the leg and your calves and ankles will look slimmer.

The choice of the fabric is very important, above all if you are thinking about investing in a good garment. Flannel, woven woollen cloth and cashmere are the best fabrics, because they are light and warm and do not add volume. Remember that if you are curvy you should go for soft fabrics that hang well and don’t cling or hug the figure, while stiff or thick fabric are more suitable for thinner body shapes.

If you are curvy and you like the bright colours of this winter fashion trends go for neutral shades from your colour palette for your coat and choose coloured accessories (scarves, belts, shoes) to add a touch of fashion to your outfits.


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  1. And for a man which is the “perfect” coat?

    1. You can have a look at this site http://www.artofmanliness.com/2009/01/15/mens-fashion-body-type/
      Hope you’ll find some help

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