How to wear white trousers and feel special


White trousers are ideal with our preferred outfits on beautiful spring days and summer evenings. Simply because you can wear them with everything. In the morning, with an eye still closed and the thought already running to the schedule full of commitments, you can refresh your usual office uniform. In the evening, with the jewelled sandals, they lead you towards fun and memorable moments spent with the best company ever. There is always a good reason to wear a pair of white trousers, elevate all the casual looks with some light or add that touch of class and elegance that only the white colour can give. And there is a suitable model for every type of body, do not be impressed by groundless rumours!

peplum top in blue lace

White trousers for every body type

Straight and skinny white trousers suit all frames; you just need to know how to find the right combination that enhances your body’s strengths. The hourglass woman and all the Mediterranean beauties flaunting a beautiful wasp waist could emphasize their shapes with a branded belt with a logo buckle. And they can go on by wearing tops and shirts inside the pants and combined with short jackets.

The apple type can put on these jeans by pairing them with mini-dresses in fluid fabrics that slide nicely on her curves. The lean column body can opt for styles with pockets and decorations, and wear a peplum top that brings some curves where there’s none. If you like the wide and pleated models, remember that light colours tend to emphasize the shapes by playing on light and shadows. For this reason, they are very suitable for those who have the lower part of the body more petite than the upper one.

white denim and knitted top

How to wear white trousers after 40

You can team up the casual white trousers with refined garments that bring the look to a higher level, suitable for the woman who seeks class and elegance even in her free time. Choose a knit top or a polo shirt, or add a jacket in a fine fabric. Complete the look with statement accessories, starting with a unique belt to finish with a showy bag and jewels that add some sparkle to the outfit. As for the colour combinations, white looks really good with everything, but those with blue and red outlive the trends of the moment. Dare with green and pastel colours, so fashionable for this summer!

white trousers amd top with floral brooch

The essential tips

Light fabrics are more transparent, so before buying white trousers, make sure you do not have to worry about the see-through factor, and above all, pay attention to the choice of underwear, better in skin colour and without visible seams. Also, remember that all the light colours highlight imperfections, so take care of seams and fabrics, choose pants of excellent quality that make the look crisp and classy.

white trousers and blue tuxedo

Have a nice day, dear readers! Don’t forget to have fun with fashion!

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