How to wear this autumn colour palette after 40

How much light and joy on the catwalks of this autumn/winter fashion! Such a rich colour palette has never been seen before  in colder months! Brilliant I would say, especially for those like me who love colours and patterns, so special to give some brightness to the darkest days of the year. But what I like most about this coloured fashion is that there is really a special colour for everyone, the one that flatters any complexion!

The colours worn by the beautiful girls on the catwalk tell of warm lands and autumn woods through the greens and the browns, but also of cold and electric environments: the fluorescent yellow and the spicy curry shade that tends to orange, the powder blue and the electric blue, the Ferrari red and the wine red, the powder pink and the brightest sorbet pink, but also the delicate shade of the lilac. And then the silver and the marble gray that can be mixed a bit with everything, in short, tell me if among all these colours there is at least one that leads you to make a fool, to buy a garment that makes you feel really fashionable!

But how to wear the autumn 2018 colour palette after 40?

Every woman should choose those fashionable colours that better enhance her complexion, at least this autumn due to the large choice of colours. Let’s start with the shades of the forest, including brown chestnut and olive green colours. They are perfect on the autumn type woman, who will have the opportunity to wear brown trousers with spicy yellow tops, olive green and lime green outfits, Ferrari red or wine red tops paired with denim trousers and skirts in warm colours.

The cool colours of this crazy fashion, are instead perfect for the winter type woman, who can easily wear electric blue, fluorescent yellow or rose sorbet, together with white or black or silver, creating almost dramatic contrasts in her outfits.

Even the summer type woman can go for the cool colour palette, but her complexion will stand out better with the most delicate shade combinations, such as that between powder blue and blue, lilac or pink sorbet with gray, lemon yellow with white.

And the spring type woman can not miss the opportunity to wear delicate and clear coloured outfits, however different from those of the summer type woman for being with warmer shades. She gives her best with light and warm colours together, like the combinations between olive green and powder pink, yellow, orange, or cream white.

How to combine fluo colours?

When I think of the fluorescent colours, I remember my first pair of fluo green socks to be looked at only through a pair of dark lenses, bought in London during a language course. So, according to the principle that associates the dazzling fluorescent shades with my adolescence, it is good to avoid these colours that enhance wrinkles and flaws, after 40. However, a splash of colour can only make the difference on your accessories and get them trendy, like a fluo detail in the print of the scarf, or the fuchsia low-heeled ankle boots on the total black outfit. More I would not dare really, with the fluorescent, but it is also a matter of personal character and taste!

And what about showy and unconventional colours?

Do not be afraid of daring! Forget the classic neutral black or beige coat and choose the coloured one, which I adore, so glam and trendy on the one colour look. Pink sorbet or electric blue for the winter woman, powder pink for the spring woman, powder blue for the summer woman, olive green or Ferrari red for the autumn woman. Remember that November 23rd is Black Friday, so you still have time to investigate the shop windows and reserve yourself a garment that will stand out your complexion, making you look younger and more beautiful!

It is really appropriate to say that trendy colours help! Above all, to the mood!

See you soon, dear readers!

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