How to wear the sequin skirt for your daytime looks

gonna in paillettes color oro

Good morning dear friends! Are you a bit upset about today’s post? Don’t you like the sequin skirt? I’m sure you will change your opinion right from the first paragraph! It is one of those garments that can be worn in a thousand ways. Lay your prejudices aside, your greatest fear that screams that the sequin skirt widens! I have the solution for your nightmare too, so make yourself comfortable on the sofa and follow me!

sequin skir and blazer

The main advantage of garments as showy as the sequin skirt consists in the fact that they really need a few accessories. They are so showy that it’s better to move towards basic and neutral clothing items for the upper part of the body, if you want to get a balanced result suitable for the woman over 40. As for the size of this kind of decorations, remember that small sequins are more versatile, as well as opaque and not too bright sequins. And if you have wide hips and thighs, it would be good to move towards skirts in dark and opaque coloured sequins and avoid the embroidery that emphasizes your body shape.

Sequin skirt and T-shirt

When I bought the T-shirt you see in the picture, my daughter’s reaction was not very happy. To tell the truth I wanted to buy it for her, but when she refused it, I said to myself “Why not! I grew up with Minnie and Mickey Mouse! They are so lovely like this Tee!”And here it is, together with the sequin skirt, a nice combination of simplicity and abundance, a look also tempered by the sneakers that make it really trendy. As for the choice of the perfect skirt for your body, if you are interested in this argument, you can visit the page of my blog dedicated to female body shapes.

sequin skirt and Tee

Sequin skirt to go to office

You heard right! The sequin skirt can be worn to go to the office too! But not in all offices! If you have really strict rules in terms of dress code, use this outfit for leisure time, but if you are lucky like me and creativity is appreciated not only in your work performance, well, then weaken the light effect of the skirt with a beautiful formal jacket, preferably in the most suitable colours for the office, gray and dark blue.

sequin skirt for the office look

Sequin skirt for the evening

The classic use of the sequin skirt is for parties, to create looks that light up your beautiful evenings. Use contrasting colours in the combination of different fabrics, so choose a black or dark top if your skirt is gold or silver colour, otherwise reverse the choice. And then go for shoes in tone with the the colour of your top or skirt, for a truly elegant and classy result! I’ve used flat pointed shoes, but you can go wild with heels! And clutch bags, mini bags, little jewels to carry by hand or on the shoulder!

sequin skirt and black top

Happy Easter to you all!


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