How to wear polka dots after 40


Polka dots are not my passion and there has never been room for them in my closet.  But I have to! I have to talk about this pattern! Maybe you’re not even interested in this topic … but I have to! Because during these beautiful Spring days, not only the beautiful flowers in my garden have sprouted, but also a sort of unreasonable outfits with polka dots. So I feel like having to say something about it, even if this pattern is not among my favourites.

“But why are you so contrary to this sweet pattern! So much loved by Minnie and young girls!” This, indeed, is the problem with polka dots. I find them graceful and appropriate for the very young. By the woman over 40, this pattern that inspires sweetness and joy, must be wisely used, to avoid falls of style. And it’s not simple. The first advice I would like to give you, dear readers, is to use the polka dots pattern for the upper or lower part of your body, breaking it with a plain colour or another pattern. The risk of being mistaken for an old spinster wearing polka dots from top to toe is high, especially with classic style dresses. So, if you really want to wear a polka dots dress, choose low cut style instead of high neckline, go for statement accessories to give a touch of vivacity to this pattern, like a showy necklace, fabolous shoes, a coloured silk foulard and a special bag, like in the outfit below.

Another really valuable tip is about the choice of the pattern regarding one’s own body shape, starting from the basic principle that small polka dots are less showy and more suitable for those with a large build. However, the rule of proportions invites to some reflections too, which means that microscopic polka dots are not suitable for taller people. Imagine a pair of polka dots trousers worn by a woman who has very long legs: the result could be that of thinking she is still wearing the pijama! Going on this matter, I must add that wide and spaced polka dots widen the body, reason why they are more suitable for those who have a petite body. Again, the rule of proportions invites petite women to avoid giant polka dots that would risk to underline their size. For all women, it is worth considering that light backgrounds widen while dark ones shrink. Moreover, since polka dots play on contrasting colours and attract attention, you should use this pattern to cover the smaller parts of your body shape, the blouse and the T-shirt if you have a small torso, or the skirt and the trousers if you have smaller hips.

As a woman over 40 and even over 50, I would prefer the polka dots pattern paired with a clothing item in plain colour. A good solution is that of the blouse in a light and precious fabric that can be matched with the classic denim trousers and some statement accessories.

Or if you like to dare, go for another pattern that contains the same colours of the polka dots fabric, as suggested in the following outfit.

Alternatively, use the polka dots for the accessories: from the shoulder bag to the silk scarf, from the bow on the slingback shoes to the bracelet in black and white pearls.


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