How to wear a jumper with elegance and style

I like spending time to talk about the jumper, above all because I feel cold all the time… I’m the one who has frozen hands in Summer too – my husband can confirm it – so I’ve decided to give praise to this item notoriously confined to sports and casual clothing and to elevate it to the world of elegance. For this reason I believe I will have energy enough to get up from the couch where the flu has been confining me for a few days. “But stay on that couch! We have learnt enough and we can do without your precious advice!” How can I believe you? Maybe you are already squandering your thirteenth salary in pursuit of who knows what kind of jumper,  just because there are sales everywhere! I cannot bear this burden … think of you buying clothes compulsively, without rules …. Ok I will get up from the sofa, only for you my dear readers …. but I’ll stay in my pajamas … in front of the computer … you can’t see me !!

My head is heavy … but the imagination does not give up and I start thinking about special outfits, I would dare to say elegant outfits,  built around jumpers and sweaters.

grey jumper and pencil skirt
Grey jumper and pencil skirt

The jumper and the pencil skirt

The pencil skirt gives a touch of elegance to the casual jumper. I like to wear the pencil skirt in two different styles, with a large waist length jumper or with a fitted and hip length jumper and in this last solution I like to add a thin belt to wear on it, to better define the waist. This outfit is perfect to go to work and it’s super with a pair of heeled Brogues or Oxfords. I like this outfit, above all it’s a new interpretation of the classic skirt suit. It’s a good solution for those who have a column body shape or a neat hourglass body shape.

The jumper and the Prince of Wales trousers

I’m imaging the misty Highlands, I can even hear the music from the bagpipes. How many beautiful memories! I know, I know! That’s Scotland… but it’s in the United Kingdom too! But I’m still here and it’s better to go back to my topic. I’m going to speak about a classic pair of trousers in Prince of Wales check fabric that can be matched with a turtleneck jumper, providing that it’s of the same colour of that of the stripe that creates the greater checks in the fabric. Go for a blue, red, or green sweater if your pair of trousers contains one of these colours. As for the style you should already know what I’ll say: plain, flat fronted and with side zip, this style is better for those who have full hips, while side pockets are perfect for slim figures and lean column body shapes. If you need to look taller go for heels and ankle boots; conversely tall women can add a touch of personality to this outfit wearing a pair of training shoes and wool socks in the same colour of the sweater.

The jumper and the plissé skirt

I always promise myself I’ll wear the jumper with a plissé skirt but I still haven’t found the skirt that drives me crazy. When you decide to buy a plissé skirt you must take care of the fabric, which must be light if you do not want to be mistaken for a hot-hair balloon. And because I do not want to put on weight simply wearing wrong clothes I’ve decided that when I wear a plissé skirt I’ll match it with a fitted cashmere jumper. This outfit is suitable for those with a pear-shaped body, as long as they wear the jumper inside the skirt, but it also perfect for  those with inverted triangle body shape, in which case I would recommend raglan sleeves – they have the magical touch of narrowing wide shoulders – and also a V shape neck collar design.


I’m really feeling better, maybe fever has gone down. I must admit it: shopping, clothes, shoes and bags… the world of fashion is a good therapy! Does it help you too?


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