How to wear a Chanel style jacket

giacca modello Chanel

In spring, one of my fave pieces is the Chanel style jacket, beautiful and elegant in every outfit. It is so special for that melange tweed fabric where pink or blue colours stand out, adorned by precious trimming and embellished with small pockets and jewel buttons.

giacca modello chanel
pink jacket and pearls, Pinterest

The Chanel style jacket has changed the world of fashion by accompanying the emancipation of women in clothing. Its creator, Gabrielle Coco Chanel, stepped out of the traditional patterns that used to impose uncomfortable clothes designed only to enhance female beauty.

Inspired by the classic male blazer, she interpreted a revolutionary garment that suited the needs of women. And she created a unique, comfortable and elegant piece of clothing that made every woman feel at ease. The Chanel inspired jacket gave women identity in the 1950s. Still today, it continues to be loved, imitated and interpreted in a myriad of ways.

Chanel style jacket
blue shades for denim and Chanel style, Pinterest

Nowadays, the Chanel style jacket continues to reach every woman’s needs. Its fundamental characteristics – the tweed fabric, the trimming, the jewel buttons and the pockets – have been adapted to flatter different physiques. The short jacket is interesting for the pear-shaped body with wide hips. The many decorations are perfect for embellishing the upper part of the body of small women with little breasts.

Chanel style jacket
oversize jacket, Pinterest

For those body shapes characterized by fullness around the middle and an average to big bust, the long cardigan style in smooth light knit or with a small bouclé pattern works certainly best. Fitted jackets that emphasize the waist are great for women with an hourglass body or for lean columns who want to make their silhouette more feminine.

Chanel style jacket
long cardi with golden trim, Pinterest

How to mix and match the Chanel style jacket

The Chanel jacket is gorgeous in many combinations. Over the little black dress – this one too was launched by Coco Chanel – for a timeless and winning combination suitable for formal and elegant occasions. Together with denim pants and T-shirts, the result is truly amazing for those who love casual and chic looks.

Chanel style jacket
pink jacket T-shirt and jeans, Pinterest

But even on a denim shirt paired with white trousers, it’s not bad at all! And over the oversize blouse, it is so unique!

Chanel style jacket
green jacket and oversize shirt, Pinterest

Speaking about the office uniform, another combination that I love a lot deals with the bow shirt and the pencil skirt. How lovely and chic!

Chanel style jacket
black jacket, bow shirt and pencil skirt, Pinterest

How would you wear the Chanel style jacket? Let me know!

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