How to style your summer clothes for fall

Speaking about how to style summer clothes for the fall seems out of place these days. Every time it’s the same story, the end of September keeps on bringing warm days to spend carefree on the beach, barefoot in the sand. Then, suddenly, a thunderstorm arrives that rushes us in the middle of autumn. Leaving us unprepared, with colorful sandals and light clothes around the wardrobe, while outside the sky is gray, it is raining too.

In its favor, however, I must admit that in the last years, this month had warned us with the weird surprises of the weather. We must not complain but thank for the extra beautiful sunny days we enjoyed. At the same time we can adopt a few simple rules to cope with weather changing and to continue using our favorite summer clothes for the fall.

These helpful tips will result in unique and perfect outfits for the first cold days, paired with this year’s fashion accessories, chosen to create fabulous autumn looks, where the mix and match style is the protagonist without leaving anything to chance.

1) Combine different textures

It is always good to wear a dress in light and fluid fabric directly in contact with the skin, while the warmer and heavier one, such as the wool sweater, must be added on it, so that it can slide on the body perfectly. If you want to create a more chic look you can wear clothes in the same color.

summer clothes for the fall

2) Replace sandals with combat boots

To stay on the mix and match theme, you can wear one of the trends of the moment, the combat boots, to create romantic and military looks at the same time.

summer clothes for the fall

3) Wear cuissards with short dresses

Cuissards are again on the catwalk, the over the knee boots are just perfect to cover your bare legs when you go for short summer dresses. My advice is to choose super flat styles and combine them with A-shape dresses, wrap or full skirts, to create classy looks more suitable for women over 40.

summer clothes for the fall

4) Use the elegant jacket over the dress

The classic mid-season garment, the one that always comes to our rescue when the days get colder. If the jacket is long it becomes a real outerwear for autumn.

summer clothes for the fall

5) Wear a shirt over or under the slip dress

Wearing a shirt with long sleeves under a slip dress is truly stylish. If you are very sensitive to the cold, then you could opt for a turtleneck. I also like the denim shirt over the long dress, what do you tihink about it?

summer clothes for the fall

6) Use short socks with your summer shoes

A new autumn trend, that of the socks worn with sandals and shoes. For those who never want to give up their summer shoes, not even in autumn!

summer clothes for the fall

See you soon dear readers and have fun with summer / autumn fashion!

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