How to style distressed jeans

jeans strappati come indossarli

Can you approve wearing distressed jeans after 40? And after 50? Yes, of course! On condition that your beloved trousers feature frayed and worn-out fabric instead of holes. They should look artistically older; fading and fraying must produce a kind of decoration on the fabric most loved by all time, the denim. And they must be well matched too, with the garments and accessories that take the outfit to a higher level and avoid any fall of style.


My advice on how to wear distressed jeans after 40 and 50 consists mainly of two hacks. First of all, pair this super comfortable garment with something elegant. Then, go on with colours, which should be never more than two – or three if you insert a neutral colour – to balance the whole look built around a showy piece of clothing. Winning garments and accessories to mix and match with what you’ll probably wear to death are shaped jackets, silk blouses, jewellery, heeled shoes, and those chic items kept in the closet for important occasions. These choices provide you with all you need, the comfort and elegance of the casual and chic style, to feel at ease and well-dressed, every time of the day.

Discover my favourite looks with distressed jeans for leisure time, office work and informal evenings.


Distressed jeans for your work outfits

I adore the tweed jacket worn over the white silk blouse and paired with blue accessories – the loafers and the shoulder bag – in tune with the same shades as the whole outfit. I have inserted this look on my list for work outfits when the dress code is not so strict or for Casual Friday when you can dare a bit and start thinking about the weekend!


Distressed jeans for free time

For our scheduled days spent away from home, busy with shopping and commitments marked by time that seems to run faster than us: sneakers are the perfect ally. I have chosen a pair of white shoes with some soft strokes of colours, eye-catching but not too showy. Then, I added a fitted jacket, in a soft fabric and a silk tank top in the same colour.


Distressed jeans for the evening

A gold lurex knit tank top with a matching cache coeur. Elegant and perfect for October. For an informal evening out with your loved ones and friends I have chosen some accessories that take the look up a notch: the black low kitten heel pumps and the shoulder bag with the gold chain. To be casual and chic any time it is mandatory to unplug from everything and have fun!

jeans strappati look per la sera informale

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