How to style a dress for your body type

The dress I am wearing in this set of pictures, with grey flowers on an orange background, is perfect for November. It calls to my mind the brilliant colour of the pumpkin, the queen of autumn foods, and pops the greyness of the darkest days. For this reason, I have decided to show you how to style a dress like this for your body type. Take from your wardrobe a light dress that drives you crazy and that you can keep on using with something warmer, wear it on a special occasion in good company. A garment in a fluid fabric that slides well on the body without hugging. A great piece that can enhance body assets and hide flaws, that makes us feel good first with ourselves and then with others.

How to style a dress – the soft cardigan

how to style a dress with a soft cardigan

Soft cardigans, long up to mid-thigh or just above the knee, look particularly good on the apple-shaped body that shows roundness in the belly area but has slender legs. Short or medium-length dresses let her beautiful legs stand out, while cardigans slide well on the dresses. In this outfit, the black colour contrasts with the vivid orange of the dress and creates an optical effect that helps slim the figure, thanks to the vertical lines of the cardigan that overlap on the dress. If you are sensitive to the cold, complete the outfit with the cuissard boots, as I did. Otherwise, opt for shoes with heels that gain a few centimetres in height.

How to style a dress – the long and fitted cardigan

how to style a dress with a long cardigan

The long cardigan is suitable for lean column body shapes and tall frames. The type with side pockets adds volume, so it is more suitable for those who have a slender body. Shaped types suit most women, thanks to the line that emphasizes the waist and gives a more feminine silhouette to those who have no curves.

How to style a dress – the short jacket

how to style a dress with a short jacket

Paris mon amour! This look has something of the Parisian style, thanks to the beret, but also to the light and romantic dress that meets the rock vibes of the biker jacket and the boots above the knee. An everlasting piece of advice regarding this kind of jacket: the short ones are to be preferred for those who have a pear-shaped or hourglass body shape, as they enhance the thin waist. Outerwear with hems ending at the hips and thighs are to be avoided if you do not want to emphasize these parts even more.

As for dresses in general, I must add that you should opt for prints proportionate to your frame. Thus, go for small patterns if you are petite, choose medium or large styles if for physical characteristics you fall into the medium or Watussi groups. Look for darker colours among those that fall within your colour palette (for more information, click on the link to the page dedicated to the best colours) if you have a heavyset build.

how to style a floral dress

Now that you got my tips on how to style your beloved dresses, you can look inside your closet and try new combinations! Above all, have fun, dear readers!

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