How to start your stylish Monday in October in high spirits

October is the month that most represents autumn and this season is as much loved as hated by many of us. There is the hopeless romantic who loves the warm colours of autumnal nature and who instead looks with nostalgia at the beautiful summer season that has just gone away. I stand halfway, I try to enjoy these wonderful colours and when the melancholy takes over I take shelter in my beloved outfits or look for new fashion trends.

Are you ready to face this month with the right mood? Well, then stay tuned, find with me how to start your stylish Monday of October, beautiful and in high spirits! Enjoy the reading!

How to start your stylish Monday in October – 28th Oct

abito lungo fioriCan you start Monday leaving your comfort zone? Yes, if you are convinced and feel the need! A jump out of the usual is always perfect to start Monday and the new week with so much positive energy.

And so this is my Monday, following my vibes, which makes me choose a dress that does not belong to my style, a beautiful dress that I occasionally throw out of the wardrobe.

Who knows where it will take me! Towards new adventures? I’ll tell you! Have a good start into the new week dear readers!


How to start your stylish Monday in October – 21st Oct

Can we start he new week with the most popular garment on the planet? The little black dress? Sure! The fact is that I need something that can be worn from dawn to dusk and for different occasions! A day like today is pure madness! At 8 o’clock in the office, so I decide to go for my classic LBD and I will pair it with the pink jacket. After a quick lunch I must hurry to school for a meeting and talk with my son’s teachers. The formal look helps in this case, at least I hope it does! At 6 pm the best part of the day welcomes me with one of my dearest friends and a hot coffee toghether. How long is it since we last met! For a special occasion like this I cannot but taking with me the new entry in my closet, the biker jacket. Ok, ok do not shout “a moto jacket again!” It is different from the other magnificent four! This is in golden faux leather, one of the main colours of this winter trends, such a fantastic shade that gives a pop of light to the total black look!

Then straight to home to prepare dinner. Well, in that case, I think I’ll wear something more casual! Thank you my dear LBD, you always save my looks!



How to start your stylish Monday in October – 14th Oct

giacca chiodo e tulleHow to start Monday? Today my Monday starts with black. The black that rubs everything out, the colour that recalls the infinite or deafening silence, however the colour that should keep distances, the only colour that makes me feel good today. Why? There’s no specific reason. I simply want to keep up, alone, not to listen to those who speak in the wind, but only those who speak with the heart. Because I’m tired, the little energy of these days is just for me. And I take refuge in a colour that I do not usually wear. Today I have to recharge myself. This is my priority. To find again the person I am.

Can we wear colours according to our feelings? Of course!




How to start your stylish Monday in October – 7th Oct

cardigan nero e gonna zebrataHow to start the first Monday of October? With something trendy and a bit aggressive!
When you feel that you need some grit to start a busy day, then animalier print garment could be a perfect choice for you. Together with classic and basic colours you can be elegant and trendy at the same time. Go for a skirt, a pair of shoes, a silk scarf, in short, something that spice up the look and makes you find the right energy to start a really busy week. At least, this is the effect that this print gives to me! Does it do this to you too?

Have a nice day my friends!


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