come iniziare il lunedì

How to start Monday

(Picture by rawpixel from Pixabay) Dear friends, welcome to my new column dedicated to how to start Monday! An argument that wants to provide you with some tips on how to get into the new week with the right step!

It consists in starting Monday with something new or something that brings you joy and happiness, something that reminds you to stay positive. It does not need to be something extraordinary or expensive, it could be a lipstick, a scarf, a quote, a message, a good deed, simply what can be helpful for a better start into the new week. Follow me then into this new adventure, stop a while and read my tips that can give you some hints.  

How to cope with COVID-19 lifestyle

isolation stile di vita ai tempi del COVID-19

A different March, this year. I would never have thought of writing a post about the lifestyle modified by a virus that forces us to isolation. Which started for me a few days after February 23rd, when I was quarantined with my whole family, at home, for being in contact with a person tested positive for COVID-19. It was not easy, but we were in good health. Then on March 8th, when the quarantine should have expired, the province of Rimini became a red zone and my isolation kept on going on, who knows how long. In this post, I started to think about how to live these days, trying to find the positive sides of quarantine. And I have found many of them! Discover how to cope with COVID-19 lifestyle, at the dedicated page of the blog.

How to start Monday in February with some colour

cappotto gialloFebruary, a month that takes us from winter to spring, with the cheerful colours of the Carnival! And all this can only be good for our winter looks! So, go ahead with colours to turn on the looks and the mood! Think about wearing the classic total black outfit with some accessories that make you glow, pair your work uniform with something that makes you immediately think of a beautiful field of flowers. You will see how everything takes another turn! Like dressing something new without much effort. Follow my tips on how to start Monday in February, let yourself be carried away by the colourful vibes of this transition month!

How to start Monday in November with sustainable fashion

moda e ambienteI decided that every Monday in November I will have a thought for this beautiful planet that hosts us, given that fashion is one of the sectors that pollutes the most. Did you know that you need 2,700 liters of water to make a simple T – shirt? In addition to consuming the planet’s resources, there is also the problem of air and water pollution due to factories. I love fashion, I love giving myself something new every now and then. But I would like to become more aware of my purchases. And for this reason I decided to share this thought with you, so the Mondays of November will be dedicated to sustainable fashion, to conscious purchases, in short to all those things that we like but which are also good for our planet!

How to start your stylish Monday in October in high spirits

how to start mondayHello dear readers! Here we come to the second appointment in my column dedicated to how to start Monday! A few tips that, week after week, can make the difference, bring us to high spirits and improve our style. October is the month of the warmest colours of the year. The nuances of nature greet us with unique, almost magical beauty. Let us be absorbed by this atmosphere and when the clouds obscure the sky let’s dress up with shades of orange and yellow and also with the unique colours of the earth. If instead we are very faithful of the black colour, this year’s autumn fashion suggests to illuminate it with gold, from buttons to any kind of accessories. Would you like to know more? All you have to do is keeping on reading to find out what I have in store for you every Monday in October!

How to start Monday in September

come iniziare il lunedìSeptember, the month that stands in the middle between sunny summer days and first cold and rainy days. A September weekend spent outside in contact with nature, feeling the last rays of sun on the skin is certainly the best present for ourselves that sometimes makes more difficult coming back to daily routine. But we should start thinking in a different way to achieve serenity and optimism. Which is possible if we attribute a special meaning to the little things we have and we get every day. Small accessories, clothes, but also good habits and therapeutic deeds, in other words something that becomes special if we look at it in the right perspective. And something that prepare us to enjoy beautiful autumn days. Discover how to start Monday in September, at the dedicated page of the blog!



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