How to start Monday in September

come iniziare il lunedì

(Picture by rawpixel from Pixabay) Hello dear friends! Today I want to introduce you to my new column dedicated to the day of the week that we all hate a bit. How to start Monday in September is an invitation to find the things that lead us to see the glass half full and to start the week with the best mood. Going back to work after the beautiful summer days is a real challenge even for the most optimistic person on earth, especially now that we have just said goodbye to summer.

So, how can you start Monday in September? It takes very little to achieve serenity and optimism. Small accessories, clothes, but also good habits and therapeutic deeds, in other words something new, different or in any case special that manages to warm the heart and to prepare for good humor. To start the new week with the energy we really need.

Keep on reading my tips, take my advice to get to work with that smile that will conquer the world.

How to start Monday in September – 30th Sept

Today I will start Monday with a look that belongs to my comfort zone, going even a little against the trend that invites us to take courage, to be ready and dare even with the most extravagant looks. I agree with the general idea that news are great for our life, but I am also of the opinion that every person should rely on changes respecting one’s own personality and needs.

But what does all this have to do with a dress? It has so much to do. Because when you are about to face changes or commitments that are quite stressful, a dress that makes you feel at ease will help you find the right mood to better manage everything that raises fears and concerns.

If your feelings, in that precise moment, on that fateful Monday, require only tranquility, then choose the look that most belongs to your comfort zone. Have a nice week, my dear readers!


How to start Monday in September – 23rd Sept

Happy Monday dear friends! How to start the new week? With a walk inside nature, inhaling fresh air, exhaling the worries that the new week has just introduced us to.

And looking at the green that surrounds us with a new perspective, thinking and asking ourselves about the age and the origin of the flowers and the plants we are looking at.

They are a miracle just like our life, they have resisted storms on their own… Why cannot we too overcome our problems? Let’s inhale good vibes and exhale our fears. Have a good start to the week dear friends!

How to start Monday in September – 16th Sept

Take with you the positive vibes of the weekend, wear something that makes you think of it.

The dress you wore last Friday, maybe, is just perfect. Add a formal jacket or a blazer if the place you work in doesn’t require a strict dress code.

And go for a necklace that gives a pop of light to your look and to your mood. To begin your working week with the right step.



How to start Monday in September – 9th Sept

My second day of September will begin in a different way, I want to concentrate on the household chore I really hate – ironing – and I want to stop procrastinating it. I am sure I will feel better then. It’s more or less like feeling a new energy and changing a bit can be helpful for our way of thinking and make us stronger.

We can start with small things first and get ready for more important tasks that we could face in the future. 

Are there any household chores you really hate? Tell me yours in the comments below!


How to start Monday in September – 2nd Sept

For many of us it is not easy to get back into the daily routine and working habits after a weekend of relax and amusement.

But that’s life and we should be grateful for what we have, for what we are.

Today I will start with a gift I received from my hubby, a dress from this spring/summer collection which I really like for the colour, a mix of orange, peach and pink, just perfect for transitioning into fall and bring some light to the first rainy days. Hope you like it! 





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