How to start Monday in November with sustainable fashion

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(Photo by Genessa Panainte from Stocksnap) Starting Monday in November with sustainable fashion. How much I wish I could do something so important for the planet! On this gray and damp day, just perfect to stay at home and reflect near the fireplace, when the year soon comes to an end, on the beautiful things I still want to do before December 31st. And with the catastrophic news about the environment and the planet that we are being accustomed to, Yourstyleover40 wants to share something important with you. Some ideas are already popping in my head, following the good deeds of this month and if you too have some suggestions on how to try to harmonize our passion for clothes with the love for the planet, well, leave a comment at the bottom of the page!

Speaking about this subject, I’ve found fashionable shoes and bags produced with cruelty-free materials and respecting the environment, which you can see in the images below. Do You like them? They make me crazy! Especially the gold-colored shoes with the flared heels!

How to start Monday in November with sustainable fashion – 25th Nov

chiodo rosaAccessories in real leather or in faux leather? Which pollutes the planet the most? How to balance our passion for fashion with the care for animals and the environment? It’s difficult to find the right answer. The leather bag is beautiful and durable, but the thought of the animals killed for their skin must lead us to reflect. On the fact that you can find brands that make products in recycled leather or excellent brands that work PU leather, a cruelty free product with a lower durability, whose production has, however, harmful effects for the environment. Did I create confusion to you? I’m sorry, dear readers, but the questions are a must when it comes to sustainable fashion. A perfect solution does not exist at the moment, but we can still read the product label before any purchase.

How to start Monday in November with sustainable fashion – 18th Nov

maglia leo stampaThis Monday of November starts with the word recycling. I like to think that there are garments made with recycled fabrics. The problem, however, is that it is difficult, at least for me, to find brands that make eco-friendly clothes and are also beautiful and stylish.

Fortunately, fashion is moving in this direction nowadays, some low-cost brands are introducing clothes made with recycled fabrics, therefore with fabrics that do not take away further resources from the planet.

Hoping, however, that the regenerating process will not pollute more than the production of new garments and is used only to attract consumers. Do you know any brands that produce clothes with recycled and cute fabrics without making us spend a fortune?

How to start Monday in November with sustainable fashion – 11th Nov

T SHIRT GUESSI’ve decided that every Monday in November I will have a special thought for this beautiful planet that hosts us, given that fashion is one of the sectors that pollutes the most. Did you know that 2,700 liters of water are needed just to make a simple T – shirt? In addition to consuming the planet’s resources, there is also the problem of air and water pollution caused by factories. I love fashion, I love giving myself something new every now and then.

But I would like to become more aware of my purchases. And I would like to share this reflection with you all. And so my challenge for this Monday is to think about how to dispose of at least one used dress every time I want to buy a new one. Among my tips: give it to a friend, give it to charity associations.

How to start Monday in November with sustainable fashion – 4th Nov

abito fiori e cuissardHow to start the month of November? Taking care of our environment, with a promise to do a little more every day. And this floral dress I’m wearing reminds me of it. There  should be more flowers and trees on this planet. How different is my town from the place it was when I was a child! We cannot change political decisions but our behaviour can make the difference. It takes very little, every day.

From consuming less water to buying products that have little packaging, from going for a walk and plogging to using eco friendly detergents, everyone knows what to do in its own place.

Doing something for our planet is a duty, it means taking care of our home. And dedicating ourselves to our planet makes us better and happier people.


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