How to renew an elegant blazer and create fashion outfits


It’s now time to speak about it. I know it is. I must speak about the blazer and the elegant jacket, the one you all have in the closet, often purchased together with the trousers or the skirt in the same fabric, the suit you worn for a work meeting or to go to office, a little bit severe and suffocating for creative personalities. But it takes very little to overturn the situation and renew that garment, simply following some tips, which, from now on, will make the blazer the helpful garment for many unique and classy outfits.

blazer, sneakers and jeans
blazer, sneakers and jeans

I decided to share with you some outfits where blazers and jackets are absolute protagonists and add value to the whole looks:


Blazer and jeans

It’s a winning combination, that of elegant garments with sports and casual clothing, whose use differs according to the accessories that complete the look. I like it both with a pair of sneakers whose colour matches that of the jacket – suitable for free time and also for less formal work places – either with a pair of flat ballerina shoes or with more vintage shoes like flat pointed shoes with kitten heels, perfect for work and for shopping with friends. Complete the whole look with the classic white silk shirt, which can be replaced by a t-shirt in spring and summer, or by a turtleneck on colder days.

Blazer and elegant trousers in contrasting colours

Wear the elegant jacket together with elegant trousers, whose colours are in contrast but stay together well. I like the dark blue jacket in wool or silk, matched with wide trousers in a fluid fabric, in a very light colour, like white, yellow or camel. To complete the outfit you can add a silk scarf and a pair of shoes, whose colours and shades are the same of those of the jacket and of the trousers. You will look amazingly elegant!

Blazer and knee-length dress

Match the classic knee-lenght little black dress or the A-shaped dress with an elegant blazer in a contrasting colour. Pay attention, however, to the proportions: wearing a knee-lenght garment and a long blazer you can risk to appear shorter. For this reason choose a jacket whose hemline ends near the waist rather than near the hips and add heeled Brogues or Oxford shoes. The only ones who are exempted from this warning are tall women, who can go for longer jackets, ballerina shoes or why not, a pair of fashion sneakers!

Blazer and sweatpants

Before shouting “I cant’ believe it!” read this paragraph to the end. I used to wear this outfit last winter, for necessity, due to the consequences of my knee-operation. I matched the elegant camel colour blazer with a pair of sweatpants: this pair of soft trousers was very comfortable, but also in some way elegant, because of the fabric which was made of light cotton and viscose. And I added the only shoes I could wear, a pair of sneakers, which are ok with this outfit if you are slim and have long legs. I still like this outfit, also with extremely elegant items, like a pair of heeled shoes, a sparkling clutchbag. It’s perfect for those who are not afraid to dare!


At this point I hope you’ve found the blazer outfit right for you. But before choosing any kind of blazers keep in mind the following tips about proportions and style to choose the blazer that most flatters your body type:

  • The shaped or waisted blazer is good for almost any women, because it defines the waist and balance proportions: for this reason it is perfect for those who have a column body shape – whose wais is not generally well shaped – and it’s also right for those who have hourglass or pear body shapes, as it highlights their trump card, a wounderful short waist.
  • The jacket with a shawl collar and in a fluid fabric is suitable for apple body shapes because it hangs well on the the upper body without hugging.
  • Pockets, zips and details on the torso or in the hip area are suitable for thin and minute body shapes.
  • The double-breasted blazer creates volume in the upper part of the body, so it is more suitable for triangle or pear body shapes, provided the hemline ends some inches before the hips.
  • The jacket’s hemline should never ends at the largest part of your body: opt for waist lenght jackets if you have a pear shaped body, long cardigans if you have an apple body shape, jackets with the hemlines at the hips if you have a column or an inverted triangle body shape.


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