How to refresh the wardrobe with gorgeous colours

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(Photo by Donterase from Pixabay) Hi girls! How to refresh the wardrobe with pops of colour? Can you feel the spring vibes outside? There is a an incredibly bright sky for this month which invites to colour ourselves beautifully. Those dark clothes that have stayed with us throughout the winter must be refreshed to make us shine a little more. Without necessarily paying a fortune and shopping inside our closet, to give a new chance to the usual looks.

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I love colours. I like wearing something that communicates joy and well-being. Be it a coloured jacket, a ring or a necklace that gives back to the eyes unique and inspiring flashes of light. And how about a bag or a pair of shoes with an unusual colour, which unexpectedly upsets a monochromatic look? It’s quite another thing, it’s like adding the icing on the cake!

How to refresh the wardrobe with coloured accessories

The monochromatic look doesn’t always work with all complexions. The total black, for example, is fascinating but, except for the winter type woman who is perhaps the only one who can wear it easily, (more info about friendly colours at the dedicated page of the blog) it risks emphasizing those flaws that we all hate, especially wrinkles. And this is the reason why I prefer, in winter, to dress in gray, or to pair black with denim and coloured garments. Yesterday, however, even my beloved gray dress, which I wore with the gray cardigan, made me look a bit dull and pale. So I looked for some red in my closet and lovely items came to my sight, like a thin belt, a patterned scarf, sock ankle boots. They made a change, the mirror gave me a gorgeous smile and the day started in the best way.

look grigio con accessori rossi

How to refresh the wardrobe with the coloured blazer

Welcome to the dark blazer among our must haves that we will wear on more than one occasion, from morning to night! As long as it’s not the only one in our closet! Try to understand which is the shade of pink, red or yellow that best enhances your complexion and get yourself a nice jacket in this colour, to replace your usual office blazer and trasition into spring and summer with pops of colour. It will be also a good investment for your casual and chic looks: paired with denim pants, a T-shirt and sneakers, you will be truly amazing and ready for a spring afternoon to go shopping with friends in downtown.

giacca rosa e abito grigio

How to refresh the wardrobe with the coloured sweater

Do you think that a coloured blazer is too showy for the work uniform? Then, focus on the coloured garment you can wear underneath, like a fitted sweater or a blouse that gives a new life to your basic and neutral looks. Something new that makes your face glow more than usual. To complete the outfit, choose a silk scarf that adds that extra touch of refinement and elegance.

look verde e nero

How to refresh the wardrobe with coloured booties and bag

I believe that the combo coloured bag and boots is truly a winner for all those who, like me, often dress in denim pants and biker jacket. Indeed they are the perfect accessories to elevate any casual look. I have chosen red for my lovely accessories. Which is the colour you like to wear on your feet?

borsa e stivaletti rossi

Do you know which is the message we communicate, through our looks, every time we feel well dressed? Good mood, confidence, neatness, self-love, trust and many other positive feelings. Things that we must always take into account. Have a good day, dear readers, and see you soon!


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