How to make your cheap clothes look fashionable

abito verde e foulard

When the days get longer and sunny, one of the things I like best, maybe because I rarely do it, is to go to the street market, rummage through the stalls looking for cheap clothes and bargains. And it often happens that I buy so many clothes! It’s a pity to leave on the counter a dress that costs only 10 Euros! Or a special coat in a fabulous colour that is missing in the closet! “You must get the bargain!” often says my conscience.

But sometimes it drives me wrong and once at home I realize that some of the cheap clothes I’ve bought are exactly low quality items, poorly sewn and with some defects. Anyway, I‘m not the kind of person that cries over spilled milk and I’m also aware that at the street market you do not risk big financial damages. A brief guide could help, however, first to me and then to you, so that we won’t be unprepared next time, on a beautiful and inviting sunny day that can start only in the best manner, with a breakfast in a bar, together with your friends. (Rita and Loretta, save the date, 3rd March!)

denim and coloured scarf

How to buy cheap clothes

  • Before buying what you have just seen and rummaged through the stalls, ask yourself the following questions: 1) Will you really wear it? 2) Does it enhance your shapes? 3) Is this item missing in your closet? Well, if you have given at least two affirmative answers you can go on and buy it, otherwise, take a deep breath, greet the item you desire and keep on walking to the next stall that surely will have something more inviting to offer.
  • Remember that buying cheap clothes that you will never wear means only wasting money. Rather, put that small sum aside. You could invest it in a more special garment.
  • When you buy low cost garments, check the seams and if you find some defects, opt for the same style, but in a darker colour that will minimize them.
  • Now you are ready to go shopping and read how to make fashionable the low cost clothes you’ve discovered at the street market!

foulard colorato e maglia bianca

How to elevate cheap clothes

Have you noticed the green dress I’m wearing in the picture? Well, it’s very simple and has no seams at the hems and around the neckline. I bought it for the colour and paid it only 10 Euros. Once worn at home, I realized that some accessories were needed, otherwise it could be mistaken for a large sack with cuts for the head and arms. So, I added items in the colours that best suited my complexion. First of all the scarf, one in silk fabric, which I knotted in a bow to provide for the lack of the collar. Then, in the same colour, I opt for the cuissard boots, so special with simple dresses. I also thought about a lace top with the sleeves longer than those of the dress, to give some elegance to the whole look. The result is so different, the dress has been elevated, the accessories have made the outfit.

abito verde corto

How to accessorize low cost items and cheap clothes

The T-shirt is the low cost item par excellence: if you wear it under the elegant jacket it becomes the cute piece that adds some pop to the classic formal look. The dull sweater can be transformed by a coloured scarf in a precious fabric, the classic pair of jeans acquires dignity when paired with a blazer and elegant shoes. And on the little black dress, simple and straight, a shawl held at the waist by a beautiful belt gives colour and glam to the whole look.

foulard e abito nero

Remember, therefore, to focus on accessories when you wear low cost garments!


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