How to make the trouser suit look so special

When I talk about trouser suits, I immediately think of office work, of the dress code that requests the usual sad neutral colours. This feeling brings me to look for special accessories, shirts and blouses, shoes, jewels, in short, anything that can vitaminize the corporate look. Just because you can’t think of starting the day motivated and cheerful when you are wearing a gray or a blue trouser suit, even if it is of excellent quality! Imagine then if it is black! We need to use some imagination, improve the office look to immediately smile and find the right grit to face all our commitments.

Follow me, then, in this brief guide that will give you the right mood to start your day and make your look really trendy and special!

The female blouse under the jacket suit

The suit, especially the one consisting of jacket and trousers, has menswear stylistic features, and it is, therefore, a good thing to make it a bit more feminine and less rigorous. It is necessary to soften the outfit by mixing and matching it with romantic and more feminine items. Blouses, tops and shirts, in chiffon or georgette fabric, pleated or embroidered, or with small ruffles peeking out of the jacket. The bow tie collar of the shirt, the light and precious fabric of the top, are all features that make the difference, refine the look without losing the aplomb of the trouser suit.

The jewels that give light to the trouser suit

Giving some light is my second tip for those who love the androgynous look of the trouser suit. The classic dark colours do not flatter all complexions, but that touch of magic light that comes from a beautiful necklace radiates on the face making it look younger and healthier. Opt for golden metals and warm colours if you are an Autumn or a Spring type, otherwise choose silver-coloured metals and cool colours if you belong to the Winter or Summer types (go to the dedicated page of the blog to learn more about your best colours). Don’t forget a showy ring, whose stones match the necklace’s colours. The right jewels definitely change the look and make it more precious and refined.

The most suitable shoes for your trouser suit

We all want beautiful shoes for our feet to wear at least 8/10 hours per day but comfort and beauty do not often get on well. In the last years fashion trends have paid attention to the demands of a wider range of consumers, proposing many solutions for every need. The medium block heel is the perfect choice for the woman who works long hours, while the high heel with some platform is more suitable for those who want to elongate the figure. If you love sporty and casual styles, sneakers are just perfect. Go for coloured footwear according to this Spring’s trends, with high sole if you like it. Try to coordinate your shoes with the colours of your jewels. Sports shoes and trouser suit is a fantastic winner combination that inspires confidence and reliability and also a lot of creativity.

Some more tips about the trouser suit

  • It goes without saying that makeup should always be a must before leaving home, especially if your look is decidedly masculine and you want to soften it a bit. So why not also use a coloured polish nail? But only if your nails are short and manicured.
  • Among this year’s trends, the belted blazer is certainly the newest one and it’s really special for those who have a wasp waist. If you really want to dare, instead of a simple belt, go for the belt bag. The result is wonderful and the menswear style will remain only as a vague memory.


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